Detailed coordinates of sect Dharma protector

 Detailed coordinates of sect Dharma protector

Zhu Zi: (137,63), (99,81), (112,45), (76,69)


1. During the activity, you can use the moonlight box and flying symbol

2. Combat death does not count as normal death, and there is no death loss

4. After successfully challenging the Dharma protectors of all 15 sects, you can complete a round of tasks. There is no limit to the number of rounds and passes during the activity

Shenmu forest: Changan City = =, Shengshan transmitter = =, Zhanshen mountain = =, Shenmu forest

Lingbo City: Changan City = =, Datang border = =, Datang border land = =, Lingbo city land = =, Lingbo City

Bottomless Cave: Zhu Ziguo = = > outside the Tang Dynasty = = > wanzishan (the owner of the post station, you cant be surprised under the demon sign) = = > wanzishan land = = > bottomless cave

Experience money: if you successfully challenge the sect Dharma protector, you can get some experience and money reward;

Increase life span: after gaining personal activity points, you can find the messengers to increase the life span of summon beast;

Special title: after the event, the top 20 players with personal points will automatically get the special title of three world elite.

1u3001 New school road map

Special reminder: in the picture, the red line area is a safe area. No matter how high or low the level is, there will be no monsters. It does not belong to the scene of hidden thunder. The one on the demon warning board on the way belongs to the scene of hidden thunder. Please pay attention not to enter the low-level childrens shoes to avoid triggering the battle!

Lingbo City

Changan flag of the sect (convenient transmission to Shenmu forest and Lingbo city)

2u3001 New sect Dharma protector coordinates

Dont worry about low-level players, there is another artifact, that is, overseas synthetic flag, which can be exchanged by using cool points.

Overseas synthetic flag: the synthetic flag located outside Datang can be used 100 times with 5 coordinate points, including WZ and PS

How can you miss such a good welfare? Come in and have a look

The main output spell of Shenmu forest master monster is fallen leaves in group seconds

Dharma protector of bottomless cave sect

Lingbo City Dharma protector, the effect of the main monster is the battle spirit value. You can see it in normal tasks. Come and popularize it!

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