Amber Liu Yiyuns blue and Vegas

 Amber Liu Yiyuns blue and Vegas

Blue is a work created by Liu Yiyun based on his own experience. The lyrics show the emotional spiral from sadness to self-healing when he is at the crossroad of life. The audience can also feel the change of atmosphere from Yin to Qing in the melody. No matter how hard the outside world is, she always adheres to her true self. This independence is more valuable in music creation.

Blue Liu Yi, Yunma Siwei dream linkage Vegas launched on the same day, double surprise

For Liu Yiyuns fans, today is full of surprises: in blue, she works with Ma Siwei, a cutting-edge rap singer, to break through the wall. The lyric voice is perfectly integrated with rap, which expresses her feelings directly. At the same time, the combination of 1 + 1 > 2 makes the song unique. The high level of completion makes netizens call what kind of immortal cooperation is this!; Another all English song Vegas is also on the line, which is full of attention.

In the form of DV, the MV of Vegas records the floating shadows left by the protagonist in every corner of the city. The past and the present two different time and space shuttle in the picture, and the gap between music and reality outside the picture is broken. The memory into the song, calmly with the past farewell, its salute to the past mood is also ready to come out.

From neon to blue and Vegas, every song of amber Liu Yiyun can give fans a unique immersive experience. Despite her diverse styles, her sense of rhythm and ability to control pop music are always on-line. She has achieved full marks in camp of creation 2021 and will bring more high-quality works as a musician. Please look forward to Liu Yiyuns new album Y? From different melodic atmosphere into her music world.