In pursuit of stars, fresh milk is poured out in boxes? Video irritates netizens

 In pursuit of stars, fresh milk is poured out in boxes? Video irritates netizens

In the video, a lot of white milk

They were taken apart one by one

And pour it directly into the ditch


Theres a whole wall of milk boxes waiting to be emptied

Its said on the Internet that its related to the fight and cast of variety shows

The reporter made some understanding

First of all, lets popularize the science. What is Da tou

Da tou refers to Da Bang + vote. In the current reality show, the highest number of candidates can come out as a group. If fans want to vote for their favorite contestants, they have to buy the beverage brands that are co branded with the program, and the brands put the two-dimensional code of vote on the bottle cap, so fans have to buy drinks and open the bottle cap to get tickets.

Moreover, different from the ID of the video website with voting and upper limit, there is no quantity limit on the help value of milk tickets. The more you buy, the higher the help value. As a result, the major rice circles began to buy milk box by box, and each other would keep up with the milk wall of whos Adu base.

A bottle of milk, a ticket, in order to let their favorite players steady road, fans are also enough to fight.

But in this way, bought milk must be opened

What if I cant eat so much?

Mobilize all the relatives, classmates and friends around, drink!

What should we do?

Well, I guess I can only do it

Therefore, the beginning of the article appeared

See this scene, many netizens cant go on.

Some netizens said,

There is a sister in her dormitory who is shooting,

As a result, the whole dormitory was drinking milk,

One Star chaser, all drink milk

This is not the way of this years youth has you,

It was last year,

This year, its like buying a carton of milk and giving it a scratch card,

But it doesnt stop many fans from wholesale feeding.

The pursuit of stars is to generate power for love with a cavity of blood

Some netizens said:

There are many netizens said

Waste is shameful

Source: Yangzi Evening News, Shenjiang service guide, observer net, netizen comments