We, the stars at dawn r1se farewell concert

 We, the stars at dawn r1se farewell concert

R1se bid farewell to limited graduation season

R1se farewell limited concert Shanghai set sail tonight. The stage is covered with ground screens, echoing with the large screen on the scene, and the dance beauty special effects are also unique. R1ses new special song Hi turn the scene, the dance visual extreme blooming, the overall atmosphere of the scene is in place, a show of r1se hard core burst strength.

The stage of this concert is still surrounded by four platforms. In order to take care of the fans from all directions, r1se members constantly interact with the fans under the stage during the performance, so as to drive the scene atmosphere with highly rendering emotions. Among them, Yao reappears the classic scene for 46 times, and Jiao Er Wu Xiao Beijing operas singing style is extremely ancient and provocative. The first hit song zoom tries to combine Oriental elements with modern music arrangement, and the strength of Dao group dance blows up the scene. It is worth mentioning that the first show of the new song findme expresses the growth story of 11 teenagers.

Tonight, the new performance brought by the team even triggered a series of screams. A song deba brought by Zhou Zhennan, Yao Chen and Zhang Yanqi instantly ignited the enthusiastic fans; He Luoluo, Liu Ye and Ren Hao jointly brought inflammable and explosive, three dressed in court lace white dress, as if the noble prince of the last century appeared; Zhai Xiaowen and Zhao Lei bring you the romantic song suddenly think of you, elegant and dedicated; Then Yan Xujia, Xia Zhiguang and Zhao rang sang and danced kill this love and performed the womens group dance, which ignited the atmosphere of the scene.

Juvenile and 12 reappearance upgraded version of dawn sea two-way rush to submit perfect answer paper

In tonights concert, r1se members are quite attentive and prepared a song dawn star for fans as a surprise. Eleven teenagers were also distributed on both sides of the stage to light up the dawn sea one by one. The central control emergency light flashed the words r1se and twelve, representing the two-way love between r1se and the twelve, full of ceremony. Then the teenagers stand on the stage to perform twelve. With the passage of time, the clocks on the stage screen appear in eleven moments in turn, and the twelfth moment is left to the fans. The teenagers use details to guard and remember the twelve accompanying along the way.

After two years of transformation and growth, r1se submitted the perfect answer tonight. From the initial green and childish, to todays hard core cracking typhoon, the stage of extreme presentation, r1se has grown all the way, using the stage to feed back the fans all the way, and using the stage to show the cracking strength of r1se.

We, the dawn stars r1se farewell limited concert 5.2 Shanghai debut has been completed perfectly, and the next will continue in 5.3 Shanghai blood relay. Im so moved by my limited memory tonight. Im looking forward to the young people playing on the stage tomorrow. In addition to the new album zoom and findme, Ive also prepared more tear jerking surprises for you to unlock. I hope r1se graduation does not end, we all the way dawn, all the way stars.