Affected by Zheng Shuang storm, Guoli Zhang worked in the night shift to make complaints about being tucked by netizens.

 Affected by Zheng Shuang storm, Guoli Zhang worked in the night shift to make complaints about being tucked by netizens.

But he didnt expect to be sprayed by netizens, even described as cyber violence. Some netizens said: Im only a class of more than 100 yuan, why so hypocritical? Some netizens, on the contrary, have made a lot of efforts for teacher Zhang Guoli. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of voices on the Internet: one is that the high salary of actors is better than that of many people; The other is that people dont need netizens to point out when they post a microblog.

Last night, Zhang Guoli sent another micro blog response: its still big night, and when you send it, you will still scold. But I cant hate it because Im still working happily as an old man.

Recently, Zheng Shuangs problems of tax evasion and sky high film pay have led to netizens on the Internet have a certain understanding of the phenomenon of excessive film pay, and at the same time, a kind of critical emotion sprang up. However, criticism should be justified, rather than simply venting emotions.

Netease Entertainment Special Report on April 28 (Li Si / Wen) at the end of April, I never thought that not only Zheng Shuangs new years day of surrogacy was not over, but she was also pulled out of the big story of tax evasion. Thanks to her ex boyfriend Zhang Heng, Zheng Shuangs amazing income of 160 million yuan for 77 days of filming has been exposed, making countless netizens know that earning 2.08 million yuan a day is really not a dream

On April 28, according to CCTV news, the first inspection bureau of Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau has accepted the report of Zheng Shuangs tax evasion, and is investigating and verifying it in accordance with tax laws and regulations. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio, film and television has launched a survey on the production cost of relevant plays and the proportion of actors remuneration.

Zhang Heng exposes Zheng Shuangs tax evasion (source: Netease Entertainment)

In view of Zhang Hengs microblog content, Netease Entertainment exclusively Invited Lawyer Feng Yueping, founder partner of Beijing law firm, to conduct legal interpretation.

After the video was exposed, the hot content quickly caused a new round of hot discussion. Conclusive evidence of Zheng Shuangs fans, Tucao Zhang Heng, did not go to official channels to report, so he was not able to make complaints about micro-blog. Other netizens think Zhang Heng is taking the risk of reporting Zheng Shuang in real name.

Zhang Heng said he exposed the video because Zheng Shuangs lawyer accused him of abetting Zheng Shuang to evade taxes without evidence, and Zheng Shuang refused. In order to prove his innocence, Zhang Heng had to reveal the conversation that Zheng Shuangs family actively tried to evade taxes.

Lawyer Feng Yueping explained: if Zhang Heng does instigate and evades taxes successfully, it means that he and Zheng Shuang are joint criminals in this criminal case. In the future, we need to identify who is the principal offender and who is the accomplice. Once the criminal responsibility is investigated, Zhang Heng also needs to bear the corresponding responsibility. If Zhang Heng instigates, but Zheng Shuang refuses, and the act of tax evasion is not implemented, then from the perspective of punishment, it is an attempt to instigate a crime, but the attempt does not mean innocence, and the punishment may be mitigated.

When referring to the star tax evasion incident, many netizens thought of Fan Bingbings supplementary tax payment and fine of nearly 900 million in 2018, as well as the follow-up stars large-scale initiative to make up the tax.

Lawyer Feng Yueping explained: the national policy is like this: when a star has tax evasion, the first step is to make up the tax, the second step is to recover the overdue fine and fine, and the third step is to impose criminal punishment. In the case of first offense , criminal responsibility can be exempted, and normal payment of tax and fine is OK. This is the biggest reason why Fan Bingbing was not sentenced at that time; But if there are many tax evasions, there is a high probability that they will receive criminal punishment. So what kind of punishment Zheng Shuang will receive depends on whether she is a first offender.

From a legal point of view, a first-time offender is found by the relevant authorities for the first time. For example, Zheng Shuang evaded taxes ten times, but this is the first time she has been found by the relevant authorities, so this is a first-time offender.; However, it should be noted that if Zheng Shuang was one of the stars who took the initiative to pay taxes on a large scale after the outbreak of Fan Bingbing incident in 2018, the time of this incident will be in 2019. If she is investigated again as tax evasion, she will not be considered as a first offender and the possibility of criminal responsibility will be very high. Similarly, if Zheng Shuangfang does not cooperate with the investigation or destroys the evidence in the recent inspection process of relevant departments, there is a great possibility that he will be subject to criminal punishment.

Feng Yueping, a lawyer, told Netease Entertainment, if Zheng Shuang is a first-time offender, the fine rate she will face will probably be 4 times that of Fan Bingbing at that time, or even higher (up to 5 times), which should be amazing; If Zheng Shuang is not a first offender, in addition to demanding to pay taxes and fines, she will also be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years in accordance with the criminal law. In terms of the amount of money involved, the amount involved is particularly huge, and there is a high probability of a maximum penalty of seven years.

According to the dialogue evidence provided in the video, Zheng Shuangs mother has changed the way of tax return, made a yin-yang contract, and made the income into the companys capital increase to achieve the purpose of tax evasion.

Feng Yueping, a lawyer for Netease Entertainment, said: by breaking 160 million yuan into 48 million yuan salary income through the yin yang contract, and then putting it into the company as labor income, this is to conceal the specific source and form of the actual income. Under normal circumstances, salary income is taxed according to the national cumulative tax rate, up to 45%. If Zheng Shuangs tax return is personal income (normal working wage), she needs to pay 45% tax on her income; If it is regarded as labor income (part-time job), the tax to be paid is 20%, which means there is a 25% difference. There will be a tax difference of 12 million yuan for 48 million yuan (45% tax for personal income with monthly income above 85000 yuan)

With the fermentation of the accident, Zhang Hengs chat record screenshots and other questions were also questioned. There was no evidence of Zheng Shuangs fans. Zhang Heng was only afraid to make complaints about the Internet and could not cause any real damage to Zheng Shuang.

Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang split up in public after tearing so embarrassed, this disclosure will only bring harm to Zheng Shuang? As an agent at that time, once Zheng Shuang was convicted of tax evasion, Zhang Heng might not be able to escape

Lawyer Feng Yueping said: look at the way Zheng Shuang forges reimbursement. If the ticket is fake from beginning to end, and even the seal is carved by himself, it will be a big matter and may constitute a separate crime; If you just buy an invoice for tax credit, or a purchase screenshot, then things wont be too big.

As for Zheng Shuangs behavior of not checking out after drinking in the supermarket, it can be understood as theft. The behavior is theft and does not change its nature, but the amount may be small and does not constitute criminal responsibility.

No matter whether Zheng Shuang really evades taxes or not, she and Zhang Heng have gone to court one after another from you Nong to me Nong. Their old friendship has long vanished. I dont know when this war that lasted for several months can stop