R1se concert Ren Hao responds to the controversy: growth is a required course, still learning

 R1se concert Ren Hao responds to the controversy: growth is a required course, still learning

Netease Entertainment reported on April 15. On April 15, Ren Hao once again responded to this preface, saying: I express my deepest apology for my improper speech on social network recently. I deeply realize my ignorance and personally feel my social responsibility. Thanks for the supervision and criticism from all walks of life. I will listen to it carefully and keep it in mind. In the future, I will study hard, work hard and be a qualified writer. I sincerely apologize to you again. Im wrong!

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Netease Entertainment reported on April 15 that on April 15, Chinese police online also named Ren Hao, saying that when the Post-00 frontier soldiers use their lives to write down clear love, only for China! As a public figure, we should be more aware of the importance of national security. Otherwise, powder shedding is inevitable And with a good study, day-to-day calligraphy.

It is reported that China Police Online is the news center of the Ministry of public security and the official microblog of the Public Security Administration Bureau of the Ministry of public security.

Chinas official anti cult account also criticized Ren Hao, a traffic Xiaosheng who had made improper remarks, by name on social platforms. Dunning Kruger effect is quoted in the accompanying article: the less knowledge a person has, the more inexplicable courage and pride he has.

Before that, Ren Hao suggested that China help Japan deal with Fukushima nuclear waste water, which caused netizens to ridicule and immediately deleted this dynamic.

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On April 14, Ren Hao, a member of r1se, a mens League, issued an article on the treatment of nuclear waste water in Fukushima, Japan, saying that a bigger cover should be used to close it, and that China should help him. The comments surprised netizens.

Some netizens found that Ren Haos speech was carried to japan.com, and foreign netizens commented that he had simple brain and developed limbs.

Domestic netizens think he has disgraced the country.

Later, Ren Hao deleted the content, saying that the deletion was not out of his own will. He also said that if your sarcasm can arouse everyones attention and call for the protection of the earths Ocean from damage, then I feel very happy to scold me. Im not a scientist. Im just the dust that lives on this planet like you. Thank you for seeing it.

For this response, netizens are even more angry: he is really sick be a Ren, Hao?u201c If you have no culture, read more books. More netizens say this is the second time that Ren Hao has made inappropriate remarks after the last COVID-19.

After this remark, Renhao fans announced that they would take off the powder one after another.

It is worth mentioning that one night after the incident, the number of fans of Renhaos social account also increased by 10000, from 9.57 million to 9.58 million.