Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofengs feelings have changed since they were said to have been divorced many times?

 Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofengs feelings have changed since they were said to have been divorced many times?

Recently, we went through the relevant procedures?? But I was photographed in Sanya some time ago?

Besides, netizens also revealed that they went to the secret room together on March 11 this year

Not long after the statement was issued, they issued the same copy

As they said, the past was good. Looking back on the past, there were many sweet moments between them.

In 2016, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng got to know each other through the film journey to the West.

When waiting for the elevator gap, we will also think of each other we dont lack bailongma, we lack a master.

Zhao Liying said more directly: if the three animals were used to describe the former partners Wu Yifan, Lin Xinxin and Feng Shaofeng, she would describe the former as Husky and angry birds, while only Feng Shaofeng was the ideal prince charming.

On October 16, 2018, on Zhao Liyings 31st birthday, she announced her wedding news on her microblog.

Zhao Liyings birthday was announced on October 16, and Feng Shaofengs birthday was announced at 10:07.

At the same time, Feng Shaofeng commented on Zhao Liyings microblog that happy birthday, wife is a happy addition to happiness, envy others!

After the official announcement, there was no less dog food every time.

During the award ceremony, Feng Shaofeng took care of his wife.

When recognized by passers-by, they also take the initiative to say hello, which makes people feel beautiful.

When Zhao Liying talked about Feng Shaofeng, she felt very happy and enjoyed being taken care of. I think his noodles are the best in the world, he said

But I didnt expect that the atmosphere of love didnt last long, and then there was news of marital change.

When two people mentioned each other, their caliber also changed.

When Feng Shaofeng participated in adventure life 2, he was confused about his marriage with Zhao Liying.

Do you want to marry me, really like me, or do you want to fall in love with me and get married?

Feng Shaofeng also admitted that his personality is easy to tangle. He is not as free and easy as Zhao Liying. He has to ask Zhao Liying to make a decision when he has a choice.

In fact, friends who know Zhao Liyings fans know that she has always been a thorough and decisive person.

At the beginning of Lu Zhens romance, the host asked her what to do if she and her best friend fell in love with a man at the same time?

This is a routine question of entertainment industry emotion test. The star with strong personality usually says that they will compete fairly; Most peace lovers choose to give up on their own.

However, Zhao Liyings answer was a bit unexpected

And the answer is by no means a whim.

In February 2013, Zhao Liying said on her micro blog: no matter how beautiful love is, it is not as precious as friendship. It can be seen that she is a very loyal person.

This shows that Zhao Liyings love view is very mature and rational.

In 2013, Zhao Liying wrote on her microblog:

In the movie, Zixia doesnt wait for her most precious treasure. The king of the daughter Kingdom and her master also go their separate ways after falling in love with each other, and the second uncle and minglan are also hard to reconcile

This microblog is probably her only passionate love expression on social media. Although I do not know the details of the two divorces, but since I choose to end my relationship rationally, I wish my future better. NetEase Entertainments official account No. ten is not as good as your manuscript: major_ [email protected] Produced by Netease News Entertainment Channel

Although I dont know more details about their divorce, since they choose to end a relationship rationally, I wish each other a better future~

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