After being bitten by a dog, Xiao Yaxuan takes a group photo with her boyfriend and hugs her in a bathrobe

 After being bitten by a dog, Xiao Yaxuan takes a group photo with her boyfriend and hugs her in a bathrobe

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Taiwan media revealed that Xiao Yaxuan was bitten by a dog on the 17th of last month and was discharged today

Xiao Yaxuan and her boyfriend Huang Hao

According to Taiwan media reports, Xiao Yaxuan appeared in the emergency department of the hospital on March 17 because of being bitten by a dog, while her boyfriend Huang Hao also went to the emergency department for the same reason. Both of them were seriously bitten on the face. The media said Xiao Yaxuan was discharged from hospital today, and Huang Hao was still hospitalized or seriously injured.

It is reported that Xiao Yaxuan has five dogs and often walks his dog. It is not known whether he was bitten by his own dog or by someone elses dog while walking his dog. Usually, her boyfriend Huang Hao would accompany her to take care of her. When they recorded the love of daughters, they also took their dog for a ride.

Before that, Xiao Yaxuan appeared in the hospital late at night for emergency treatment. On March 8, Xiao Yaxuan responded to the reporter: during the Chinese new year, she contacted with overseas personnel about the following music content, and many relatives and friends came to the house to have a party, accompany the elders and play with the children at home. She stayed up all the time and felt a little uncomfortable with high brain pressure. In addition, she also took the initiative to report safety to the public: everything is fine now.

Xiao Yaxuan had a lot of old injuries. Before that, when she went to the United States to shoot MV, she fell carelessly and sewed several stitches on her head.

At that time, her left hand was hit, leading to bone displacement, laceration, and multiple injuries on her body, which was distressing.

Last year, Xiao Yaxuan and her 16-year-old boyfriend boarded the variety show the love of daughters together, but she quit temporarily on the way, making people have different guesses about their emotional status.

However, judging from Xiao Yaxuans recent developments, their relationship seems to be as close as glue.

In addition to emotional fluctuations, Xiao Yaxuan finally returned to her career at the end of last year. She not only took her boyfriend to the variety show, but also released her new album naked truth online, which has been preparing for three years, making fans excited.

As a music queen, Xiao Yaxuan has always been very demanding of himself, which gives him great pressure. But fans have always wanted her to relax and stay healthy.