True love powder! Bride asks friends and relatives to vote for fresh meat at wedding

 True love powder! Bride asks friends and relatives to vote for fresh meat at wedding

Netizens said with a smile that brokers are very dedicated, they dont forget to work when they get married..

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In the program, players from different countries had friendly interaction, not only improved in singing and dancing, but also gained precious friendship. Through the daily training and stage performance of the players, the audience also found a large number of treasure players, such as lilushu who didnt want to do business, Mika who has a sexy European and American voice, Gan Wangxing who is handsome and interesting, Boyuan who is mature and persistent, etc.

Compared with the first time to participate in the draft, Boyuan, who has participated in the first season of youth with you, looks more vicissitudes. On the road of pursuing the idol dream, Boyuan has made great efforts that ordinary people cant imagine. Maybe he has experienced a blow, which leads to his lack of confidence. When he gets the audiences approval on the stage, he always looks a little unbelievable.

In fact, Boyuan is good at singing and dancing, and there are few mistakes in either youth with you or creative camp 2021. But because Boyuan is calm and doesnt like performance, he doesnt give people a deep impression, so his popularity cant compare with other players with unique characteristics. Boyuan may also know this, so he always looks nervous when he publishes the ranking.

It is precisely because of the disappointment that every promotion speech made by Boyuan is deeply touched. Boyuan, who is unpleasant in nature, attaches great importance to fans and cherishes his feathers. Boyuan admits: I like singing and dancing. Ive been training for six years and then Ive been single for six years. Im very professional.

After being recognized for many times, Boyuan regained some confidence: everything in front of him that was originally thought to be an obstacle, or even unknown, now seems like there is a way to go. the sincerity of Boyuan can be felt between the lines.

After six years of hard work, now Boyuan with strong strength is finally seen by everyone and ushers in his own opportunity. At the end of the third public performance, Boyuan entered the starting position and successfully entered the finals.

Boyuans hard work was not only seen by the founders, but also moved his parents who always opposed him as an idol. In the trailer, Boyuan received an apology from his parents: because you grew up, we have always hindered you from pursuing your dreams. Mom and dad want to formally say sorry to you, son. You are brave to pursue your dreams and dare to move forward.

Hearing his parents sincere words, Boyuan couldnt help but shed tears. Boyuans parents not only give in to his dream, but also support Boyuan with their own actions. On April 16, some netizens said that a friend ran into Boyuans mother at school to canvass for Boyuan: Boyuans mother sent leaflets at a friends school, asking them to support Boyuan.

The leaflet contains the characteristics of Boyuan. In order to realize her sons idol dream, Boyuans mother is really very attentive.

A friend disclosed that he met Boyuans mother in the school canteen, and only recognized her as Boyuans mother after watching the video of Boyuans parents apologizing to Boyuan. Netizens in the post could not help feeling moved by maternal love.

Its not easy for Boyuan to make it to the finals. Its heartbreaking for his relatives and fans. I believe Boyuan will continue to work hard with their love and wont let everyone down.

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