Power 5s 10 minute drama guide doesnt just tell you which episode to show

 Power 5s 10 minute drama guide doesnt just tell you which episode to show

>>>Those treacherous arguments

>>>Quick reading of this seasons story

This seasons game of power, as always, is cruelly abusing the body and mind of the protagonists. It is also full of descriptions of greed, desire, death, killing, money, intrigue, honor and responsibility. The rules remain the same, but the people who play the game expand from the Royal aristocracy to the common people. Besides tangurian, stark, baratheon, Lannister, tyril, Martel and other major families, the son of the harpy, son of the warrior and the unknown also join in, trying to get a share.

Dragon Mothers imperial meeting in bed (Episode 7 29:17-31:52)

But Xiaoyi must say that this seasons desire dissatisfaction is more provocative. If you dont believe it, please jump to the following places:

Melisandro persuades Jon to send troops, but Jon refuses. (Episode 4 19:04-21:38)

Sand snake and Bologna flirted in prison. Its like watching a porn. You cant see it, you cant touch it, you cant imagine it. (Episode 7 40:45-43:24)

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Dragon tear

Ghost bite

As for the more lethal wars, there are only two in this season

Ghost and night watchman the battle of the savage Alliance (Episode 8, 42:40-58:20)

In the past, it was the night watchman vs the savage or the night watchman vs the ghost. This time, it became a tripartite battle, and it was the first cooperation between the night watchman and the savage in a hurry. There were both group fights and Jons single fight with the ghost boss. The flying snow and the splashing blood blend together, revealing a cruel beauty.

Bolton vs. Stannis in winterfall (Episode 10 11:30-17:04)

This is a battle launched by Stannis. His strength and morale are inferior to those of his opponents. Although the old guy is very brave, he cant avoid losing the battle and dying. So far, the only King in westrow is toman, who is assisted by the Lannister family, and competes with the dragon mother danielis on the other side of the Strait.

The scenes of the two battles are far less magnificent than those of the previous seasons, but the new fighting scenes in the arena are still highly recommended.

Gladiator competition (Episode 7) : fifteen - fifty : 40uff09

This is a joyful story. The arena turns into a killing place in an instant. After watching this scene, you will realize the necessity of entrance security check for large-scale sports activities. The highlight of this battle is the dragons joining in - its very moving for the little guy to rush back to save his mother in danger, but his fighting capacity still needs to be improved. Its not good to run away with his mother

To a certain extent, the game of power can be regarded as a scenery film. The towering castles, gorgeous palaces, solemn churches, scattered houses, bustling harbors, even pubs and brothels are full of amorous feelings, not to mention the surrounding mountains, grasslands, bays and embankments. They are full of color and can be used as computer desktops, Even Xiaoyi thinks that the basic friends in the painting are too eye-catching!

This is a panoramic view of volantis

execution ground

A panoramic view

Black and White House

The unknown Bay

This is the temporary foothold of dragon mother

Wallis and Tyrions travel target negotiation (Episode 1) : fifty-three - 37uff1a52uff09

Wallis is well aware that Tyrion finally got his life after dying. Bearing the pain of killing his father and his wife, he was tired of living in the temple and just wanted to spend the rest of his life in a dream. But he also knew that Tyrion was still unwilling to be a disgrace to the Lannister family. Therefore, his persuasion, on the one hand, advocated the dragon mother On the one hand, it suggests that Tyrions going to dragon mother is a good opportunity to revenge Lannister.

Although he decided to go to dragon mother, Tyrion did not go smoothly and was kidnapped twice. For the first time (Episode 4 39:33-42:13), he quickly located the identity and reason of the kidnapper only from the other partys dress and family badge, and also quickly sorted out his own situation. It is wise to follow him rather than resist when dealing with such a despondent knight as Mormont.

This is a mutual trial. Tyrion wants to judge whether the dragon mother is worthy of its effect, and the dragon mother wants to judge whether to keep the enemy members life. The two sides exchanged views on the issues of power and justice, aristocracy and the poor, honor and hatred. But in the end, the two reached a consensus because they were surprisingly similar in their own and family positioning - in their eyes, their fathers were not good things, and they could do better!

Little finger and Burtons marriage negotiation (Episode 3 48:51-59:57)

Little finger really tried his best for Mrs. Starks baby. Taking advantage of the unstable situation in the north and the urgent need of the stark family, he successfully took Sansha back to Lindong city and gave it to the Burton family as his daughter-in-law. As an old fox, old Burton gladly accepted it, but at the same time, he did not forget to ask little finger for some extra oil and water, and the eloquent little finger solved it with just one word: last time eagle nest city and northern frontier united to overthrow the greatest Dynasty in history!

The employment negotiation between cersei and the great sparrow (Episode 3 44:15-48:36 & Episode 4 07:20-09:10)

When the sparrows first appeared, they were just a group of Puritans. Cersei found them, armed them, appointed the great sparrow as the new archbishop, and tried to overthrow the tyril brothers and sisters who were not pleasant to see but inconvenient to fight with the help of religious power. This move killing with a knife fully reflects cerxis keen political sense and resolute speed. She just forgot to sign a contract - she was used to the gentlemans agreement among the nobles. Her Majesty forgot that there was another word called betrayal. She was smart but mistakenly, lifting a stone and hitting her own foot.

Personal freedom negotiation between cersei and the great sparrow (Episode 10 41:24-53:05)

After a long time in prison, the arrogant empress dowager finally bowed her knees. She thought it was a confession after her collapse. However, when she saw her confession, her words (only admitting the crime of adultery with her cousin, and firmly denying incest; at the same time, moving each other with her mothers missing for her son, supplemented by Yingyings tears) were more like an expedient measure of keeping the Castle Peak.