Welcome Maple harvest year, but Zhang Zifeng is tired of dominating the screen? Min Sijias comments

 Welcome Maple harvest year, but Zhang Zifeng is tired of dominating the screen? Min Sijias comments

Pa Ping is innocent

People worry about being consumed

My sister is still popular, and many films and new variety shows, such as secret visitors, the future of midsummer, are ready to go. Zhang Zifeng, who has been very busy in 2021, has achieved screen hegemony in this way. However, min Sijia, a guest of todays film review, thinks that Zhang Zifeng is innocent. In her opinion, as an actor, Zhang Zifeng cant influence the formation of Fengshou year. The film schedule and publicity strategy are only decided by the film makers, and the withdrawal of goodbye to the young is not decided by the actors. However, it is true that actors are consumed by films. Taking Shen Tenglis fraud in the movie the sun never sets hotel as an example, min Sijia also admitted to todays film review that actors are often innocent in front of the film.

Zhang Zifeng, who was interviewed by todays film review, was ignorant of the phenomenon of dominating the screen. Facing the lens of todays film review, Minster frankly discusses that an actor should not only consider the horizontal axis of density, but also discuss the vertical axis of his past works. She went on to point out that Zhang Zifeng, who became the smallest winner of the Best Newcomer Award for Tangshan earthquake, broke the shackles of the screen by Chinatown detective, and that Hello, China can cooperate with big directors and big actors on the same stage. Zhang Zifeng, who has made great achievements for actors of the same age, has enough goodwill and familiarity in the hearts of the public, so he is now on the screen In front of the elephant, people pay more attention to this national sister and worry that she will be consumed.

Filmmakers should be multi creative

Through my sister, min Sijia also found more possibilities in Zhang Zifeng. She pointed out to todays film review that Zhang Zifengs role in my sister is not only in line with her own growth state, but also has a certain degree of fit in the female and actor dimensions, that is, in the gap stage between the transition from a girl to an adult, which has a certain representativeness in the current era. Schedule cant be decided, role can be chosen. Talking about Zhang Zifengs future development, min Sijia said to todays film review that the emergence of actors like her and Zhou Dongyu, who continue to play the role of girls, actually reflects the disconnection of female roles from girls to mature girls in our films, which is not only a challenge to the actors, but also puts forward more diversified requirements for our film creators. It is reported that the daily program film review today is broadcast on CCTV-6 film channel from Monday to Friday at 22:00 p.m.

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