Dear Mr. lemonade starts tonight

 Dear Mr. lemonade starts tonight

In the past, when green tea was sold, it was bound to take the bait. It was either drinking the water from which green tea was given medicine or being cheated by green tea into taking a fake bed photo. Only Lu Nan was one of the most powerful CEOs with IQ and EQ. Green tea repeatedly lures Lu Nan, who is not moved. Seeing through the conspiracy of green tea, Lu Nan fights back coldly, leaving no chance for green tea. Such an intelligent online, golden and handsome overbearing president, who can not love?

In order to be a tool man for AIGaN, she fought with the female master Shuanga

Lunan and the female leader of Northern Jiangsu are two As, one is jiaoba general manager, the other is heilianhua. They fight with each other in the workplace. They are good at their routines. The high-energy plot is twice as good. The female master returns with a vengeful heart and works step by step. The male master runs Lunan, but Lunan reverses the routine in the female masters routine and is willing to be the female masters tool man for love. It not only helps the female master to achieve the goal of the plan, but also makes the female master see her sincerity and love for her, so that the female master can step into Lunans love trap. In love, Lunan is the exclusive tool man of the female owners; in career, Lunan and the female owners join hands and are invincible. In career crisis after crisis, Lunan solves the crisis and saves the enterprise, so that their husband and wife group can embark on the brilliant road.

Chen Pinyan, the actor of Lunan, is the main actor in the play , He once played the most handsome elder martial brother in general night -- fifth elder martial brother , Its also the report Lord , The princess is nanfengchen in a cat. Handsome and sunny Chen Pinyan , The first time to play the overbearing president , With three-dimensional deep facial features, slender and straight figure , It perfectly reproduces Lunans overbearing president image in the novel. Chen Pinyans acting skills , Natural excellence , Both form and spirit , Live the man , It gives people a sense of Lunan bennan.

Chen Pinyans strong acting skills interpret Lu Nans multi-faceted image. He is not only a popular lover, but also a proud and coquettish Asian vinegar king. For his wife, he is black in the stomach, but tender and affectionate. He is devoted to his daughter-in-law everywhere. For green tea, he turns to protect his wife. He is indifferent and refuses to give green tea a chance to defend his daughter-in-law. For his rival, he turns to be the king of vinegar in Asia, and his scheming routine doesnt leave a gap for his rival. North and South couple Gao Tian opening, domineering Lunan, handsome product extension, invite you to see the play. At 6 oclock on April 7 tonight, Dear Mr. lemonade Youku platform went online on time. Lets see how Chen Pinyan recreates Duowei !

Chen Pinyans acting skills , It interprets Lunans multi-faceted image , Its not just a popular lover , He is also the king of Asian vinegar. To his wife , The stomach is black and poisonous, but the heart is tender , Infatuated and single-minded, thinking of his daughter-in-law everywhere ; Yes, green tea , Become a crazy devil to protect his wife , IQ online indifferent refusal , No chance for green tea , Keep ones body as jade for ones daughter-in-law ; To the rival in love , Become the vinegar king of Asia , Scheming doesnt leave a gap for rivals.

North and South couple Gao Tian opening, domineering Lunan, handsome product extension, invite you to see the play.