Entertainment freshness | air transport Alliance: big trucks are always on the road

 Entertainment freshness | air transport Alliance: big trucks are always on the road

Car loading people, big truck loading musical instruments is the dream Manifesto of Qi Yun alliance, which represents the freedom and romance of having music, companionship and travel. Band f - Hu Yutong said that the first concert from the beginning to the end, every detail has been carefully considered.. In his mind, the most iconic idea is to integrate truck elements, which symbolize the spirit of Qi Lian, into the stage. He revealed that their original plan was to arrange a real truck, but due to the limitation of the venue, they finally chose to be on the stage : 1 restore the front of the truck.

In the childrens orchestra season of tomorrow, which is known as the best youth hot-blooded drama of last summer, the Orchestra is no longer the traditional band, nor the singing and dancing mens group in the public recognition, but combines the two to form the concept of band + mens group = Orchestra. In this program, Qi Yun alliance, as the strongest brand Orchestra, has experienced running in, experiment and adventure all the way. And about the configuration of the orchestra, live strength, have more or less encountered outside doubt. However, in this premiere, Qi Yun alliance showed a different self to the outside world.

Whether its the stable output of several leading singers singing skills or the natural integration of rap, the Qi Yun alliance has given an answer to the wheels with its own growth. If the former air transport alliance car can drive far, this sentence is a question, then now they can say with confidence, can drive far is far.

Members also have different understandings of the artists life after their debut. They will enjoy the simple happiness of being busy, enjoying economic freedom, enjoying a box of lunch in the middle of the rehearsal. At the same time, they will feel powerless due to lack of sleep and running on the axis. But what members are sure of is that for the alliance, everything is just the beginning. Li runqi said that the current state of the alliance is like the theme of the first concert: departure and wandering, active and passive, no matter whether we choose the present life actively or passively, its mainly about how you live. In the future, there are more adventure levels waiting for the alliance to explore. In the interview, they revealed: at the end of the summer, we may have a new album coming, or we may have a tour. Dont worry about it. The air force has been thinking about doing more things for everyone. They are also very grateful to the wheels of the Qi Yun alliance who are always tolerant and love five people and five colors. They also have the spirit of adventure, and they are explorers.