My God! Youre so tall 2 black hole with baby in aifujini pool

 My God! Youre so tall 2 black hole with baby in aifujini pool

As the two brothers who are the best at making stunts among talk show actors and playing tricks among rap singers, chizi and avogenie will not easily admit defeat, so the annual assessment of the little red flower Cup in the snack industry begins. From the b-box to the clarinet, and the Xinjiang dance performed to please the Xinjiang girl suweila, the two brothers did everything they could. However, childrens mind you do not guess, this little red flower is not so easy to get, want little red flower or efforts to re carve food. However, it seems that some people are happy and some people are worried about this process. While avogenie accurately understands Sisis paintings, ikeko is worried about a lump of unknown objects. What interesting things happened in the middle of this? Can the black hole brothers succeed in getting the little red flower? Lets uncover the secret at 8 oclock tonight!

Pirated food reproduction ugly crying cute baby experts interpret image visualization is very important

In addition, during the meal, aifujini wanted to eat the Nang that Sisis mother used to make the house, but Sisi refused, saying that her mother worked very hard. This is because Sisi participated in and helped her mother in the production process, so she knew that it was not easy. Indeed, the core of gratitude education is participation rather than words, so that childrens personal experience can really stimulate their ability to perceive the outside world and others more than oral expression, and this is also my God! You are so tall lets cute kids paint and helps stars recreate the meaning of moms food.

At 8 oclock tonight, lets embark on the journey of black hole brothers with brother Nuanxin and sister naimeng!