The list of gods: the battle of ten thousand immortals has been put on file

 The list of gods: the battle of ten thousand immortals has been put on file

In addition to exposing the luxurious immortal lineup, the trailer of the list of gods: the decisive battle of the immortal array presents a magnificent world of gods directly in front of the audience. The majestic fengshentai, the magnificent jiexinglou, the solemn Zhoujun barracks and many other famous scenes in the original works are all amazingly displayed in the film.

In order to present the world of Fengshen to the audience concretely, the main creative team conducted a lot of historical textual research during the preparatory period of the project, referring to a large number of bronzes, costumes, murals, patterns and so on. The Shang Dynasty is a very long time away from the audience. The main creative team of the film emphasized this rich and real feeling through the vision, making the audience seem to have gone through more than 3000 years to participate in the battle between human beings and immortals.

In order to give the audience a more sense of substitution, the main creative team carried out fine design on the battle scenes, creating a real and mobile perspective. In the trailer, the white elephant of the fourth general of the magic family runs rampant in the Zhou army, and the soldiers run around under the elephant feet of the giant elephant. It is a mess, and the strong sense of oppression makes the audience personally on the scene. In several battle scenes exposed in the trailer, Nezha steps on the wheel of wind and fire to throw out the circle of heaven and earth, and Lei Zhenzi holds a gold stick to lead the wind and thunder to fall from the sky. These classic deity heroes with new visual effects are even more exciting. Once the footage was exposed, netizens praised domestic special effects cattle and its the God wars in my heart.

Chinas strong God has returned, and a great war is imminent. Whats the plan of Tongtian sect leader? How will the eastern mythological heroes who have formed an alliance confront each other? All this will be revealed when the film goes online. The majestic Oriental Myth blockbuster Fengshenbang: decisive battle of ten thousand immortals will be exclusively launched on iqiyi online cinema on April 30. Please look forward to it.