Jiang Qinqin and Liu Tao became friends by wechat

 Jiang Qinqin and Liu Tao became friends by wechat

Before repay: Jiang Qinqin Liu Tao discord? Record the program to express dissatisfaction with Liu Tao?

Netease Entertainment reported on April 10 that due to Xie Nas pregnancy, Liu Tao replaced Xie Na as the leader of the latest season of romantic journey of wife. Guests invited in this season include Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin, Qin Hailu, Wang Xinjun, Lin Feng, Zhang Xinyue, Zou Kai and Zhou Jie. In this weeks pilot film, some netizens found that Jiang Qinqin and Liu Tao suspected discord.

In the video, Jiang Qinqin, who always shows his tenderness, says frankly to Liu Tao next to him, I heard that you are the leader, so I dont want to come. in the subsequent video, she seems to be very unhappy. Liu Tao also becomes helpless, saying that he doesnt know what to do. When he continues on his way, Liu Tao goes forward to make peace, but the atmosphere is still very awkward Im sorry.

Some people think that Jiang Qinqin may just want to express that the head of the program has changed from Xie Na to Liu Tao, which makes her feel unable to adapt. This sentence seems to be said in a joking tone. Some netizens also say that it is very likely that it is the result of deliberate editing in the later stage of the program, which increases the point of view of the program, creates topics and improves the audience rating.