Xiaoxianrou and friends play in secret room at night

 Xiaoxianrou and friends play in secret room at night

While waiting for the bus, Li Zhenning had a hot chat with BY2 sisters, and their relationship seemed very good. After that, they went to Li Zhennings house together.

Li Zhenning won the second place in the variety show youth has you in 2019 and joined the mens singing group unite.

Previously reported: network exposure union Li Zhenning Tanabata dating more than 4000 bills paid by girls

Li Zhennings date on Tanabata

It is reported that Li Zhenning is a member of the Chinese mens singing group unite and an artist of the black gold project BG project. In 2019, he participated in iqiyi idol mens group competition to perform the cultivation reality show youth has you, and finally made his debut as the second group.

In 2019, Li Zhenning was exposed to embrace a tall woman on the street. According to sources, Li Zhennings clothes were gifts from fans, while the girl hugged was suspected to be Zhang Tianxin from the bee girls team.