Put down Huang Yiqing? Huang Yi takes her daughter to date elite men, just like a family

 Put down Huang Yiqing? Huang Yi takes her daughter to date elite men, just like a family

After watching the exhibition, they went to the high-end restaurant together. Cui Wei is a gentlemanly and decent man. When he orders, he puts the menu in front of Huang Yi.

In January this year, Huang Yi and Cui Wei met through the variety show beating heart again.

It is reported that Cui Wei, a 53 year old male guest, not only holds a masters degree from Columbia University, but also holds an MBA from Peking University and a masters degree from Tsinghua University. At present, he is the person in charge of a building institute, and he has handled thousands of buildings.

In the program, Cui Wei also showed his villa in Beijing, with a hint of low-key luxury atmosphere in the simple decoration style.

Before this, Wang Ziwen in the love variety beating heart again was also photographed dating a male guest in private.

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Netease Entertainment reported on March 25 that the sweet interactions between Wang Ziwen and his male guest Wu Yongen in the love variety show beating my heart recently made netizens call him CP full of feelings.

On March 24, gossip media photographed a private meeting between Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen. At the dinner table, they chatted with their friends all the way. The atmosphere seemed quite lively. In the picture, Wang Ziwen is wearing a long black coat with hair tied and delicate makeup. Sitting next to her, Wu Yongen, wearing a simple white T-shirt, peeked at Wang Ziwen from time to time.

According to the gossip media, Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen did not return to their Beijing mansion after their private party with friends. Instead, they went back to the hotel with him.

The media also took pictures of the two walking into the hotel from the garage.

Previously, some netizens exposed photos of meeting Wang Ziwen in Sanya. At that time, Wu Yongen, who was beside Wang Ziwen, was not recognized at that time because his skin looked dark. Brother Wu Yongens as like as two peas in the wrist, the next to the two peoples show, the dark side of the cub was guessed.

Previously reported

Wang Ziwen admits unmarried son Wang Lin and Huang Yiwang support mainland China and send blessing

Recently, Wang Ziwen first revealed that he had a child in a variety show. She shared her experience with her first boyfriend. They had been together for four years and were deeply influenced by this relationship. As a result, her originally cheerful character became less enthusiastic. Even for a certain period of time, she could not imagine that she had separated every morning.

According to the disclosure, the real situation is far more complicated than what she said. The couple ran to get married, and they were pregnant at that time, but they didnt get together in the end. Wang Ziwen regarded the child as a predestined arrangement, so he was born and formed a three person family with his mother.

In fact, in other scenes, Wang Ziwen once said I want to go home to see my son, and Aunt Wang Lin, who was also in the program, said that she was shocked, do you really have children?

Wang Ziwen affirmed the other partys question, and said that the child is the one who has the deepest affinity with her in his life: Im very grateful that (the child) can choose me to be his mother..

After the exposure of Wang Ziwens son, Wang Lin wrote that every life should be respected. only when she raises a child can she know her parents kindness. From then on, her life is complete and her journey is no longer lonely.

Huang Yi and Bai Bing also send blessings. Huang Yi says that the baby is the best gift from heaven.

At the same time, Wang Lu, who calls himself Uncle, and CAI Zhuoyi, who is also looking for her boyfriend in the program, also gave Wang Ziwen and her son a big compliment.