Kardashan became a billionaire, but her lifestyle was criticized as toxic

 Kardashan became a billionaire, but her lifestyle was criticized as toxic

The money making skills of net red

As one of the worlds best eye-catching net celebrities, Kardashians gold absorption ability is amazing. When Kardashian first appeared in Forbes magazine in 2011, it was only because she had more fans (6.6 million) than Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, second only to US President Barack Obama. Five years later, Kardashian made $51 million a year on the cover of Forbes, thanks to the revenue from endorsing mobile games and reality shows. Today, Kardashians personal assets have soared from 780 million in October last year to 1 billion this year with the hot sales, stock realization and other personal endorsement income of her two fashion brands, kkwbeau ty and skims, making her one of the Forbes certified billionaires.

Kkwbeau, founded by Kardashian in 2017, fully relies on social media marketing to promote and sell directly to consumers. 300000 sets of cosmetics launched for the first time sold out in two hours. By 2018, the KKWBeauty of product line to eye shadow, concealer, lipstick and perfume can bring Kardashian 100 million dollars. By 2020, Kardashian will sell a 20% stake in kkwbeau ty to cosmetics giant Coty at a valuation of $200 million, bringing the formers market value to $1 billion.

In addition to kkwbeauty, Kardashian also founded another brand, skims, in 2019. She raised money from fashion celebrities such as Natalie marzan and Andrew Rosen, and used her huge social fan base to promote the new brand (Kardashian has 213 million fans on instagram and 69.6 million twitter fans). Forbes estimates that Kardashians skims stock is worth more than $225 million, along with traditional real estate investments, mobile game endorsements, reality shows and a variety of other investment income.

Materialized American Dream

The media did not appreciate Kardashians road to the growth of a billionaire.. Vanity fair once followed the lens of famous photographer Lauren Greenfield to unveil the luxurious life of the Kardashian family: they use 24K pure gold toilets, have colorful platinum bags, and go to the luxury house to have a party in a lengthened luxury car. These luxurious and ostentatious scenes are naked in front of the public.

According to vanity fair, the kardashians and social media are poisonous. What they pursue is a materialistic American Dream, which has a huge impact on the younger generation of Americans, and even subverts the definitions of wealth, fame and starting from scratch. Looking back on the way of the Kardashian familys fame, what really pushed them to the public was the leakage of the sex video between Kardashian and her boyfriend in 2007. In October of the same year, the reality show walking with Kardashian family starring Kardashian family began to broadcast, and the family became famous. In 2006, the three Kardashian sisters founded the dash clothing store and made great efforts to maintain the brand. Then their fame began to rise with a series of controversial events.

The guardian analyzes the impact of the Kardashian family on the global fashion industry from the perspective of Consumerism: they can sell anything! The photo of Jenna, the golden girl, wearing a pink coat, shorts, sneakers and Chanels purse, can attract millions of peoples praise and imitation just by being posted on social media. In the nightclub, you can also see a large group of fans of Kardashian family, they not only imitate Kardashians clothes, but also unreservedly accept Kardashians selling lifestyle, as if they can get closer to the unreachable luxury life..

Irelands independent seriously pointed out that although Kim Kardashian with wheat skin is sought after by fans all over the world, she is also regarded as the worst symbol of modern women, reflecting a certain assumption of women in western culture - an image full of materialism, vanity and hunger. Some popular culture critics worry about the influence of the Kardashian family. Some people think that what they present is a kind of poisonous femininity, even disgusting. No wonder some people will gloat when Kardashian is robbed in Paris.

NBC predicts that even if the popular reality show with the kardashians is over, the influence of the family will not disappear. The cosmetics, clothing and food that they sell on social media, not to mention the young people who are not familiar with the world, even the adults who have already realized the harm of false advertising, will not be able to prevent them. .