Reporter visits Pang Mailangs hometown: less than 10 mu land is the future economic source

 Reporter visits Pang Mailangs hometown: less than 10 mu land is the future economic source

Pang Mai Langs parents

Pang meilangs father pangdehuai (right) and Pang meilangs cousin are in Xian.

Pang Mailangs two cousins accompanied Pang Dehuai to Xian to meet Bai Xiao. Photo by Beijing News reporter Tang Bo

Two weeks after Pang Mailangs illness was exposed, nanshahe village, Ningqiang County, Hanzhong County, Shaanxi Province, finally recovered relative calm. The media and visitors were much less than before, which made Pang Mailangs father Pang Dehuai take a breath and no longer have to face the sudden scenes and all kinds of problems about his son. He was afraid that he would say something wrong and that Mingtao (Pang meilangs original name was Pang Mingtao) would not be happy when he knew..

Village and media

Pang Dehuai is a man of few words, and Pang Mailang has inherited the character of silence. The father and son seldom communicate with each other. When Pang Mailang was at home, he had more communication with his mother, Zhang Qingmei. Occasionally, Zhang Qingmei would convey her sons words to Pang Dehuai, which were mostly trivial things. He never told us what he thought..

Every time he went back to his hometown, Pang Mailang liked to be alone in his house, courtyard and field. I dont like to talk when I grow up. in Pang Dehuais memory, Pang Mailang was lively when he was a boy, and he had friends in the village, which was not unusual later. Young people cant be kept in the village. Friends in their youth go out to work one after another and become unfamiliar. Later, he became famous and fell far away from his hometown. People in the village knew that he was popular, but no one really regarded him as a star. The ancient farming order is still followed here, and Pang Mailangs jumping makes everything more like an intruder and a topic outside the village.

So far, no one in the village has taken the initiative to visit. Pang Dehuai put the responsibility to his own family. Every time Pang Mailang came back, he never visited other peoples home. Now others indifference is understandable.

Subtle changes have also taken place in the village relations. After Bai Xiao, an agent, exposed Pang Mailangs illness in hospital, the village Party branch secretary gave an interview to reporters about Pang Mailangs forced hospitalization for beating his father. The news has been forwarded many times. Some people commented that the village Party branch secretary spoke too much, and the village Party branch secretary was very unhappy. In order to maintain his sons image and dignity, Pang Dehuai was unwilling to admit that his son did it himself in front of the media. There was a contradiction between the two views. Pang Dehuai didnt know how to resolve the misunderstanding and let it continue. People in the village began to be cautious and no longer expressed their opinions easily. It seemed that they were afraid of meeting some taboo of discussion. In private, their family was still the origin of the topic. Pang Dehuai was worried that the discussion behind it would be spread to his son, which would stimulate his illness. His family had no right to speak in the village. If one day, they could only bear to ignore.

Zhang Qingmei once had a conflict with the interview and was unwilling to communicate with the visiting media. She had never walked out of that mountain in her life. These young people in front of her were like people in another world. She didnt understand the rules there. A reporter ran to her to ask questions. She turned around and left without saying a word. In the evening, she prepared dinner for all the reporters present. She also said nothing. Its easy to feel that the thin woman in the mountains now has something firm, which is also simple.

Spring ploughing and anxiety

A few days ago, pound Huai went to the town to buy corn seeds and prepare for spring ploughing. His family had less than five mu of land. A few years ago, his neighbor moved to the county and left less than five mu of land for him to take care of. He didnt care what he planted or what he received.

Pound is very grateful. This is less than 10 mu, which may be the source of his familys future income.

At this time of the past year, Pang Dehuai was preparing to go out to work and work in the mines and construction sites in Shandong and Shanxi. He usually worked for seven or eight months and brought his money back to subsidize his family. Although the family has land, but can not grow cash crops, only food, mostly corn, income is limited. There are a small number of ginkgo trees, ginkgo leaves contain flavonoids, can be used as medicine, these years in Sichuan has formed a large-scale cultivation. Nanshahe village, where Pang Dehuai lives, is located in the Qinba mountain area, near the Shu Road. It is not hard to find a market, but its output is limited. It can sell 3000 or 4000 yuan a year. If corn is added, the income from pure farming will be more than 10000 yuan.

Now Pang Dehuai is worried. He estimates that he will go to sing after his child is discharged from hospital. However, he does not know and cant think about whether anyone will come to him to perform after his illness is exposed. In the future, he can make music at home, and he will support it, but it will cost money to make music at home. According to the current situation, he cant afford it. When it comes to these specific dilemmas, Pang Dehuai cursed, but not angry, more like relief. Then he showed weakness to his tone, saying that he was old, over 60 years old, and could not work for several years. He did not know what to do in the future.

Pound Huai applied for the minimum living allowance in the village before, but he didnt approve it. He wants to apply again during this period. Now he cant go out to work. His son is sick and needs money. Two labors are wasted at home. In the countryside, its a top priority. He thinks theres no reason not to approve it any more.

He learned about his sons illness in 2019. Now he regrets that he was too obedient to his son and didnt take him for treatment earlier. Last year, he took him to the hospital for the first time. A few days later, he ran away. Since then, the fate of the family has become uncertain.

This time, his illness was completely exposed, and Pang Dehuai felt resentful because he didnt want to be told about his family. And as we all know, who is willing to marry him in the future? He and Zhang Qingmei have been worried about their sons marriage. His aunt once introduced Pang Mailang to a girl in Hanzhong City and asked him to go on a blind date. Pang Mailang didnt go, and no one ever asked him to. Now, Pang Dehuai has no hope for his sons marriage. He wants to take his son with him when he goes out to work in the future, find a construction site closer to home, earn more money and take care of him. He is likely to go to Xian, because Pang Mailang likes it there.

Since the beginning of his life, he has always been satisfied with the demands of his son. Last year, Pang Mai Lang had little work and was short of money. He called them and asked them for several hundred yuan to buy a ticket. They didnt dare to ask them more. They just turned the money around. Why did it become difficult for them to spend hundreds of yuan? He gave himself an answer by using its not easy for children to be outside.

Memory and disease

On March 20, urged by Pang Mailangs agent Bai Xiao, Pang Dehuai decided to go to Xian to meet Bai Xiao. Pang Mailangs two cousins objected to it. They finally stopped persuading him and rushed over together. On the day of meeting, Pang Dehuai specially wore a Chinese style cardigan, which was a gift Pang Mailang brought back to him when he went to Kunming to perform. Some of the clothes were old, but they were very clean, as if they had been carefully preserved.

There was sporadic gunpowder smell on the day of meeting. Pang Dehuai was silent most of the time, and two cousin representatives spoke. Bai Xiao proposed to raise one million yuan from the society, which was rejected by Pangs family, and then there was no substantive communication. The next day, Pang Dehuai left Xian. Before leaving, he used his mobile phone to send a fierce text message to Bai Xiao, accusing him of violating personal privacy, denying his identity as an agent, forbidding him to spread Pang Mailangs information, and reserving the right to pursue legal responsibility. Bai Xiao was infuriated and found the media that night, saying that he could provide black materials about Pang Mailang.

After returning to Ningqiang from Xian, Pang Dehuai felt unwell and went to the hospital to find out his heart problem. The doctor suggested that he be admitted to the hospital for treatment. Pang Dehuai asked how much money he needed. The doctor said that it would cost about 10000 yuan. Pang Dehuai did not dare to ask. When I got home, I always thought about whether it was worth more than 10000 yuan, and I couldnt make up my mind.

He went to Pang Mai Langs hospital again and had a deep chat with the doctor. The doctor said that after Pang Mai Lang was discharged from hospital, he still had about five years recovery period. During this period, he had to take medicine and cooperate with treatment. The cost of medicine for five years was about 70000 yuan. If he chose drugs not covered by the medical insurance, the cost would be higher. After asking, pound left without asking to see his son.

Since Pang meilang was hospitalized, Pang Dehuai visited him about every five days. Pang meilang is now recovering well. The doctor said that he is more optimistic than expected. Before going to the hospital, he would buy some fruits in the town, which Pang Mai Lang used to like. He also wanted to make some delicious food to take to him, but he was afraid that the road was cold and his son didnt like it. Now Im sick, and I dont know what to say to my son.

When it comes to his son, Pang Dehuai is always proud. He wrote well when he was a child, became famous when he grew up, and even knew how to give money to his family. Even though Pang Mailang only renovated the pigsty and bought a TV for his family these years, in his opinion, it was all about his family.

In Pang Mailangs works, Hanzhong is the charming city, and the town is the place where many stories take place. Only the village where he grew up is never in his scope of expression. Only the song where will I stay leaves some traces. The lyrics say: how I want to go back to my hometown and relive the beauty at that time; how I want to go back to my hometown and find my childhood partner. In one of Pangs early videos, he said the song was written for his hometown, Taiwan.

These clumsy lies, once brought him huge controversy, unable to justify the embarrassment, has gradually become a laughing stock on the Internet.

In Pang Dehuais memory, these things didnt come after he became famous. He tried to explain to his son that at least ten years ago, Pang Mailang mentioned to his family that he had a music master who was Taiwanese. Later, his remarks were all related to this music master. At the same time, he also admitted that he always wanted to leave here and didnt want to live here. Pound Huai once talked to him about this, but he didnt have a few words. He didnt know what his son was thinking and didnt understand his sons songs. The only thing he could do was to accept everything from his son.

After coming back from the hospital where Pang Mailang was staying, pound wanted to go to the hospital where he was going to see a doctor again, because he still had to earn money in the next five years, and he thought that 70000 yuan might not be enough. His heart is no longer his business.

Pang Mailang and Pang Mingtao

There is no Internet at home in pangmailang nanshahe village. Every time I sing, send and receive e-mail, I go to the Internet bar in the town. Nowadays, the reality on both sides of the network is divided, just like the inverted world, the mirror image of each other and the reversal of the world. In nanshahe village, Pang Mingtao, the youngest son of Pang family, is crazy. The strangers who come and go are talking about Pang Mailang, the singer. When they leave nanshahe village, Pang Mailang, the singer, is crazy. Pang Mingtao is just a young man who wants to attack life. This difference, more or less throughout his career.

Pang Dehuai recently met Pang Mailang. His son said that he wanted to go home and wanted to leave the hospital. Pang Dehuai didnt agree. This was a time when he didnt refuse his sons request. Pang accepted it calmly. He didnt know what happened in the outside world. Pang Dehuai always worried that he would not accept it when he came out.

Pang Mailang is really not a person willing to accept the reality. He dropped out of school to work, saved money to record songs, expected to be outstanding and be noticed by others. From his body to his heart, he wanted to escape the inherent mark. He believed that he belonged to the outside world, but the outside world did not accept him in the way he expected.

His unimaginable creative perspectives and his masterpiece my skateboarding shoes, which can be regarded as a masterstroke, have caused Carnival in different circles. But in the final analysis, its just the narration of his personal experience. There is no methodology, no trace of learning, and its more like an unconscious expression. Therefore, his works cant be imitated, and cant be interpreted by concept Part of my love is because of strangeness. In addition, his unofficial singing made his semi rap and semi popular songs become experimental works with a sense of humor. But when the outside world removed the filter from him, these became an instant offense to his hearing. In a sense, he just stepped on the beat of the times, but never really stood in the rhythm of the times.

My brother is stubborn. Its hard for others to persuade him about what he thinks.. Pang Mailangs cousin believes that many of the views of the outside world on Pang Mailang are rooted in this stubbornness, and Pang Mailang does not know how to get along with the outside world. He changes his name and age. There is no reason to betray his hometown. He thinks he has to change his name and age when he hears that stars change their names and ages, because its just like a star. Its so simple.. My cousin didnt approve of Pangs practice. He thought it was unnecessary and easy to fall into the background. But Pang felt that he was already a member of the entertainment industry.

The surge of fame and wealth made him expand for a period of time, and many irrelevant words came from that time. Later, the tide receded, and the once wild talk was like the emperors new clothes. Although he was helpless, he had to face the reality directly. After that, ponmelang was more frank than before. Although he still liked to cover up his predicament clumsily, his vanity was more like a swagger. His creation continues, but he cant hear progress or decline, and his style is stable. Pang Mingtaos embarrassment in reality can be seen in many documentaries about Pang Mailang. Perhaps he once relied on fantasy to support his life, until he was engulfed by fantasy, and became a symbol and a performance art work that was pieced together. Last year, a song please believe that the poem he once believed in is disappearing in short wave in cunties album wrote about the lonely rebellious people in the Renaissance era, please chant the laughing crime word by word, like a gossamer to the glacier, and ask Tiedas question mark to judge whether this road will be doomed.

When Pang Mingtao was not compatible with his hometown and Pang Mailang with the outside world, he began to build his own spiritual kingdom, changed the name of the city, divided regions, and used this imagination as a substitute for reality. However, all this became a joke because of the exposure of his illness. His cousin thought that Pang Mailang would probably not forgive anyone after he left the hospital. This is also the reason why their family dislikes Bai Xiao. Bai Xiao dares not to do so in another family. He bullied the old people and didnt have the ability to fight back.. Now Pangs family is closer than before. They want to protect him better and wait for him to come back. However, no one knows whether Pang Mailang or Pang Mingtao will come back. The two names are like two directions of fate, one pointing to the world outside the village and the other to the village of Nansha River. Perhaps, disease will be the biggest intersection of these two names. Whether he is Pang Mingtao or Pang Mailang, he is just a patient in front of disease.

Nanshahe village, which he called Gulag, is in the season of pleasant scenery. Rape flowers are already in full bloom. On the other side of the camera, the reality makes pound tired of coping. The spring breeze blows his old age unreservedly.