Big change! Huang Haibo has lost a lot of weight in his recent photo of teaching, and his hairline has moved back

 Big change! Huang Haibo has lost a lot of weight in his recent photo of teaching, and his hairline has moved back

In 2014, at the peak of Huang Haibos career, he was administratively detained by Beijing police for whoring and then transferred to an educational institution for six months. His brokerage company apologized to the public afterwards.

Previously reported: Huang Haibo performance class teaching picture exposure, feeling that in the dead of night will be very uncomfortable

Netease Entertainment reported on March 21 that a netizen recently released a video of Huang Haibo in the performance guidance class. Huang Haibo in the video looks much thinner than before. After shaving his head, he looks more energetic. He was wearing a blue sweater, two hands crossed in front of his chest, talking to the students and analyzing himself. Huang Haibo said frankly that every time he faced himself, he would feel particularly uncomfortable and painful.

Later, Huang Haibo raised his head with great emotion, saying that when he really faces himself, he can only completely calm down his heart in the dead of night. Only at this time can he present more real feelings and never cheat himself again.

It is reported that after being banned, Huang Haibo lost his source of income and his life was in trouble. After his marriage to Qu zhasha, he lived on Qu zhashas cameo role in TV series and earned a small amount of money. Even children depend on their fathers pension to support them.

Since then, Huang Haibo has tried many ways to make money, such as opening an account on the short video platform and updating videos. However, the heat is not high, and I didnt make much money. After that, Huang Haibo and other actors jointly set up acting training classes to earn money and make a living.

According to Director Zhou guogang, Huang Haibos performance training course is not cheap, but it is not expensive. Ordinary students charge 10000 yuan a week. Compared with the performance classes run by other stars, Huang Haibos fees are absolutely not high, which is hard for ordinary people to accept. But the performance training courses are aimed at young actors and performance lovers with certain financial strength. For these consumers, Huang Haibos courses are of high quality and low price.