Jin Xin Ru Yu Holly comes to an end

 Jin Xin Ru Yu Holly comes to an end

Before that, she was even on the entertainment list of microblog hot search twice in one day, which attracted a wave of attention for her. In the grand finale of Jin Xin Ru Yu, Ding Jie wrote nearly 4000 words of super long character history on her personal micro blog, and presented her exclusive group photo. In the pre history of the characters, it explains the origin and early experience of holly, and more focuses on describing the daily life with shiyiniang. This detailed pre history of the characters shows that Dongqings psychological and defensive attitude towards shiyiniang can be understood at the beginning. On the other hand, it also explains the controversial discussion at the beginning of the drama: Dongqing is not like a servant girl. Dongqing and shiyiniang share difficulties and support each other, which means that sisters are more than masters and servants.

During the broadcast of the drama, Ding Jie followed up the drama with netizens and paid close attention to the related trends of holly in real time. And make complaints about the loud voice of holly in the early stage. Ding Jie took the attitude of eating melon with friends, and responded to the real feelings with friends. He even walked on the front line of ridiculing himself, without any burden and interaction with netizens, and chasing the drama together. Tucao Holly voice, self seal Jinxin couple CP powder head, and the wave interaction is also very much, many netizens have said that they have been in the holly wave, this pair of children CP, make complaints about holly, hurry up.

Ding Jie himself posted a behind the scenes gag on his micro blog when the netizens were eating sugar. It turned out that the picture of LiNbOs failure and hollys fall during the shooting indicated that he had knocked it and called LiNbO to lose money. The daily fun of happy enemies extends from the inside to the outside, especially near the end. These episodes are too hard. The plot is full of ups and downs, and there are many people who are afraid of this pair of be. Fortunately, Holly and LiNbO are also happy endings.

Devoted to the interpretation of the role, optimistic in the face of controversy, netizens from controversy to like the role of holly is exactly the affirmation of the actors performance. With a lively personality and a strong sense of Internet, the popularity of Jin Xin Ru Yu makes us find Ding Jie, a new actor who really loves performing, devotes herself to learning and filming. As a new generation of Xiaohua, she has participated in many works, such as exclusive memory, chess soul, young lady, and so on. Her momentum is strong. We also look forward to her more good works in the future.