The film wings of song premieres in Xinjiang, opening up a new situation of domestic song and dance

 The film wings of song premieres in Xinjiang, opening up a new situation of domestic song and dance

Relevant leaders, staff representatives and representatives of the literary and art circles of the autonomous region from the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, the Organization Department, the Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department, the political and Law Commission, the Internet Information Office, the education working committee, the organ Working Committee, the SASAC, the Federation of trade unions, the Youth League Committee, the womens Federation, the Department of culture and tourism, the radio and Television Bureau, the Federation of literary and art circles, the Xinjiang peoples Publishing Corporation, the Academy of Social Sciences, the Federation of Social Sciences, Xinjiang Daily, the Xinjiang Radio and television station, etc He attended the premiere.

Never forget the original intention, stick to the border of the motherland and be willing to be a cultural inheritor

At the premiere ceremony, the films main creative team appeared together to share the films creation process, witnessed by senior people in the film and television industry and the media. Zhou Xuyong, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said on the stage: I hope to use this film to actively practice the mission of portrait, biography and morality for the times. I also hope that the audience can feel the changes of the times, historical progress and social development in Xinjiang since the founding of new China 70 years ago. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang bear in mind the general secretary Xi Jinpings earnest and exhortations, and bear no negative expectations, such as pomegranate seed, tightly embraced together, and the real realities of the exchanges, exchanges and mingles of all nationalities, and see the beauty of Xinjiang, the beauty of Xinjiang and the magnificence of Xinjiang.

At the premiere ceremony, Gao Huanggang, director, producer, chief director and producer of Tianshan film studio, passionately introduced to the audience that wings of singing tells the story of young people of three different nationalities, who walk in the north and south of Tianshan Mountain, Gobi grassland, villages and cities with their music dreams, and draw lessons from the rich music and dance resources of all nationalities and the hot life of the masses of all nationalities Take creative inspiration and material, and finally realize the moving story of music dream.

Deeply cultivate multiple types of films and make innovations

In 2019, Tianshan factory spent three years painstakingly creating and shooting Xinjiangs first giant screen film, the far away pastoral, which stood out in nearly 2000 domestic films and won the five one project award of the 15th Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee for the construction of spiritual civilization. This honor is the 13th and 14th five one project awards, and the 16th and 14th five one project Awards successively won by Xinjiang film workers After the 17th China Film Huabiao award, it is another great honor. Over the years, with the spirit of hard work and dedication, Tianshan film studio has produced many works and high-quality products, which has been praised and recognized by the Ministry of personnel, the State Administration of radio, film and television, the National Peoples Commission, the Party committee of the autonomous region and the peoples Government for many times.

This time, the main leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have a keen sense of smell, accurate topic selection and farsightedness. Around the major historical nodes, they organized and planned the film wings of song, which has the largest investment scale, the most adequate human resource allocation, the most advanced equipment investment and the longest shooting journey. At the seminar, the first group of film experts praised Tianshan film studio for its courage and responsibility in taking the lead, making great efforts in innovation and development, and filling in the blank of Chinese song and dance films.

Experts attending the meeting also put forward the brand-new viewpoints of Xinjiang film phenomenon and Tianshan factory phenomenon, believing that the creation of Tianshan film factory in recent years is a clear stream in the field of Chinese film creation, a unique phenomenon worthy of in-depth study and discussion by the industry, especially the film theorists. Gao Huanggang said frankly: as a team of literary and artistic workers who stick to the border of the motherland, we always take it as our primary task to show the beautiful prospect of Xinjiangs children of all ethnic groups, beauty, unity, forge ahead, and show the world the vitality, happiness, glory, peaceful and warm mountains and rivers of Xinjiang.

It is reported that wings of song is about to open a large-scale regional spot screening activity in Xinjiang and will be released nationwide in 2020.