Sweet cry! Gao Yuanyuan is visited by her husband Zhao Youting, and they shake hand in hand

 Sweet cry! Gao Yuanyuan is visited by her husband Zhao Youting, and they shake hand in hand

In 2012, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting fell in love with each other when they were shooting the movie search; on April 17, Zhao Youting admitted their love affair with Gao Yuanyuan at a film conference.

On June 5, 2014, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting registered for marriage in Beijing; on November 28, they were married in Taipei.

On April 8, 2019, Zhao Youting announced that Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant on his microblog; on May 21, Gao Yuanyuan gave birth to a daughter with Zhao Youting.

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Recently, Zhao Shuhai, Zhao Youtings father, recorded a variety show in which he talked about two generations living together. Zhao Shuhai revealed many details of Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuans life with them, as well as the understanding of his 2-year-old granddaughter.

Zhao Shuhai said that when his son Zhao Youting and his daughter-in-law Gao Yuanyuan got married, they had no children. Because they were busy with their work, neither of them often stayed in Taiwan, so at the beginning, Zhao Youting and his wife lived with them. Later, after the birth of his granddaughter, Zhao Youting got a flat on the floor of the house where they used to live. Every time when it was time to eat, a family of three would come down to eat.

In addition, Zhao Shuhai also praised his daughter-in-law Gao Yuanyuans intimate behavior. He said: before dinner, the daughter-in-law was very sensible and sensible. She came down at 4:30 and asked her mother-in-law if she needed any help. As long as she comes down and takes the initiative to speak, Ill tell you that both parents are the same. You just have to say that. (do you want help or not) whatever! No, it doesnt matter

Zhao Shuhai thinks that its wrong to refuse his daughter-in-law Gao Yuanyuans help every time. He should give her a chance to show herself occasionally. If you often say no, she wont come down to do it. She takes it for granted, just like you just said, he said

In addition to praising his daughter-in-law Gao Yuanyuan in the program, Zhao Shuhai also shared the wisdom of his granddaughter Rhea. He said that his attitude towards his granddaughter is the same as that towards his daughter-in-law, which will give her a sense of participation.

Zhao Shuhai revealed that her granddaughter, who is more than 2 years old, wants to participate in family activities, so they will assign her a job within her ability to do. Take the dishes and chopsticks, distribute the napkins and so on. Little Rhea is also very powerful. After her grandfather sent her to take the dishes and chopsticks, she was not allowed to be helped. She had to distribute the napkins and take the dishes and chopsticks by herself. She counted out eight chopsticks one by one before she was satisfied.