Balance work and parenting! Baby says she can send her son to school every day

 Balance work and parenting! Baby says she can send her son to school every day

Since baby had a child, she often accompanies her children to travel, and there are many pictures of mother and son in the same frame. No matter what the rumor with her husband Huang Xiaoming is, it has never affected her determination to accompany her children. A few days ago, some netizens came across baby and took her son sponge to enjoy the flowers together.

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Baby takes her son to enjoy the flowers by chance. Its so sweet to take the sponge all the way

Netease Entertainment reported on April 3 that on the evening of April 2, some netizens aired a picture of baby and her son enjoying flowers on the social platform, with an accompanying text: baby, real people and beautiful legs! The netizen also described in detail the situation at that time: the eyes were immediately attracted by a hot mother with a huge figure in the crowd!!!! Then I see the children on the side, and suddenly I think the dressing style is good, little sponge!! Super cute! The voice is also super cute! It must be baby!!! The proportion of real people is very good, and the legs are thin and not wood, super beautiful!!

The baby in the picture is wearing a white cap, a black top and black tights. 4-year-old sponge has grown to her mothers waist, and baby is holding her son all the way.

Later, the netizen sun out baby that afternoon sun out of the photo, and said he was watching her take photos.

Before that, some netizens on the social networking platform aired photos of baby taking his son sponge out to play, with an accompanying text: little sponge is really like master Huang. Its good for baby to be a mother. Praise baby. The little sponge in the picture sits in her mothers arms cleverly and sensibly, with a lovely back.

It is reported that baby has always been questioned because of her acting skills, and her starring Gu Fang dont appreciate herself has been criticized for being stingy and unfriendly. Many netizens criticize her as a vase that can only stare. But babys performance in skyscraper has made great progress, and many netizens have changed her acting skills.

Later, baby said in an interview that she didnt want her child to be pointed at when she grew up, saying that your mother couldnt do anything, and that this was one of the reasons why she took on the role of skyscraper.

When baby was interviewed before, she rarely talked about her son sponge. She said that her son was not only sweet, but also coquettish. She often told herself that her mother was the most beautiful, her mother was the best, and she wanted sugar when she won the favor. She also imitated her sons coquettish appearance, and her eyes showed doting, and she looked very happy.

However, when she was asked how to do when sponge made a mistake and asked for forgiveness, Yang Ying put on a serious expression and said frankly, its no use to act coquetry when he made a mistake. Im a mother with principles. Yang Ying said that her son could not be forgiven for his coquetry, which would make him have a wrong understanding of the rules.