21 cartoons found 1465 problems! Animation rating cant be delayed any more

 21 cartoons found 1465 problems! Animation rating cant be delayed any more

The child is 7 years old. I find that she likes to speak in a strange voice and sometimes has a funny expression. He Lei, a first-year parent of Nanjing Xincheng primary school, told reporters that children especially like to watch the cartoon diga Altman, and some of their behaviors are just like learning cartoons.

Animation content has a great impact on minors, and more and more people complain that animation infringes on the safety of minors. According to the data of Jiangsu consumer network public opinion monitoring center, in 2020, there are 17877 public opinions in Jiangsu that infringe on the growth safety of minors in the animation field.

From December 2020 to March 2021, the Provincial Consumer Protection Commission launched the project of investigation on the safe consumption of minors in the field of animation and issued the investigation report. The survey report selected 21 representative juvenile cartoons, including bear haunting, piggy page, detective Conan, and so on. According to the statistics, a total of 1465 problems are sorted out, mainly in terms of language, scene, plot and so on.

Investigation report shows that at present, the problem of juvenile animation is mainly concentrated in four aspects. First, violent crime elements are often involved. Nearly half of the 21 cartoons have violent crime elements in varying degrees. For example, in addition to Altmans daily fight against monsters, there are also violent scenes such as armed assault and multiple threats. Second, there are still dangerous imitation behaviors in animation works for young children. For example, the characters in piggy page made dangerous behaviors such as opening the door and surfing. Third, there are 123 scenes involving darkness, horror and suspense in the 21 cartoons, and the plot of blackening character is thought-provoking. In addition, among the 21 animation works in this survey, 142 advertisements were implanted, such as the advertisement of Master Kang green tea inserted in Douluo mainland.

Parents appeal for regulatory content and limited channels

The media has the most direct and extensive influence on minors, and animation is the media that minors contact most. Animation quality is a long-term minor protection pain point, but at present, there are two factors that make the problem more and more urgent. First, with the development of the Internet, it is more and more convenient for minors to access all kinds of network animation information, and it is more and more difficult to control it. The second is the vigorous development of animation industry, which leads to more and more animation for minors. However, all kinds of problematic animation are mixed up.

Cartoons have a great influence on children. Can we manage them? Ms. He, a 5-year-old childs parent in Lianyungang, said, one day, the cartoon showed toilet drink. A cartoon character went to the toilet with a cup to drink. Later found that the child one day scooped the water in the toilet to drink, the taste in the heart is hard to say

Animation is an indispensable companion in the process of minors growth, so what kind of animation theme do parents prefer?

I hope the plot is positive, more traditional cultural guidance, less dangerous action pictures. Huang Jias son is five years old. After watching the cartoon, he especially likes to fight and kill with a snatch, which makes Huang Jia a little distressed.

According to the survey report, the animation works that can convey the right and wrong, the right and wrong view of good and evil, the family view of respecting the old and loving the young, the moral view of justice and bravery, and the scientific view of both interest and times have won the unanimous affirmation of parents.

Now the network developed, animation resources access is too convenient, Baidu search, can see, cant see. Nanjing citizen Xu Bei and his wife are both civil servants and busy with their work. We hope to strengthen the control of the animation broadcasting platform and limit the viewing channels and viewing time.

Children are in the period of growth and development, and they are curious about everything outside. Cartoons with violence and pornography are also easy to arouse childrens curiosity. Many parents call on the government to carry out strict supervision, especially on some scenes, language, action review, to avoid wrong guidance.

Fu Zheng, director of legal aid Complaints Department of Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission, said that for the standardization of animation field, we should start from the source, scientifically and delicately manage the animation content; give full play to the function of parents and teachers, accompany more, clearly tell children which behavior is appropriate, which behavior is inappropriate or will affect others, and help children form correct values.

Animation grading to build a firewall for minors

At present, the competent authorities have issued regulations and review provisions on the management of publications, audio-visual products, TV dramas and films. But in fact, the current strict supervision only solves the problem of Prohibition, and directly reduces the inappropriate content. For the content of limit, the system design is relatively simple.

In this regard, the Provincial Consumer Protection Commission proposes to explore the animation grading system from two dimensions: one is to determine the two basic standards of adults and minors from the perspective of audience age, and moderately relax the review of adult animation content. In the field of minors, it needs to be further divided, which can be considered to be consistent with the education level of children. Second, from the animation content classification, such as the combat category may contain violent conflict behavior, the emergence of subversive description of common sense, etc., we should carry out the restricted level classification, and manage the broadcasting platform and broadcasting time; we should carry out the ordinary level classification for the types of popular science education and daily life, and broadcast them on the conventional TV, network and other platforms.

We cant wait for animation grading! Li Chuan said that the major developed countries in the world have basically adopted a clear grading system for juvenile animation. Take Japan as an example, Japans animation classification is very specific, divided into 12, 15, 18 and other different levels. There are different requirements at different levels. For example, cartoons under 12 years old are forbidden to enter and have a white list system; different viewing modes are established at 12, 15 and 18 levels, some of which require guardians to accompany and some require guardians to review in advance.

The reporter noted that the first step of exploring and practicing grading has been taken. At present, many network platforms have set up youth mode. According to incomplete statistics, in the past year, more than 50 short video and live broadcasting platforms have launched youth mode. However, the youth model is not compulsory, and its effect has always been questionable.

Mao Jianzhong, deputy director of the eighth procuratorial department of Jiangsu Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, suggested that the regulatory authorities could invite experts in psychology and pedagogy to review the animation, and those inappropriate ones could not be broadcast on the platform, thus forcing animation producers and importers to make changes.

To build a firewall for minors, family, protection and social protection are indispensable. Animation enterprises must also have the awareness and responsibility to protect minors. Their products will affect a childs world. Provincial Consumer Protection Commission deputy secretary general Ju Shang said.

In this regard, in the next step, the Provincial Consumer Protection Commission will interview animation related enterprises to promote the effective solution of problems through interviews, and will cooperate with the procuratorate, the Provincial Youth League Committee and other departments to promote the substantive promotion of animation problems and protect the healthy growth of minors.

At the same time, classification can also achieve accurate creation and delivery, making the animation industry from hodgepodge to intensive cultivation. Fu Zheng told reporters that if grading is realized, the animation industry chain can develop in a targeted way, and creation on demand will gradually become a reality, which is conducive to stimulating creative passion and market vitality.