Kardashian was officially promoted to a billionaire, and her value soared to $1 billion

 Kardashian was officially promoted to a billionaire, and her value soared to $1 billion

Netease Entertainment reported on April 7 that on April 7, Forbes issued an article to certify that Kim Kardashian officially joined the list of worlds billionaires! Its value has soared from US $780 million (about RMB 5.1 billion) to US $1 billion (about RMB 6.54 billion), and its wealth mainly comes from kkwbeauty and skims, reality TV and endorsement contracts, as well as some investments.


It is reported that Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 21, 1980. She is a celebrity, fashion designer, actor and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry in the United States. Its the daughter of the late attorney Robert Kardashian in the O.J. Simpson case. Ranked 26th on the 2019 Forbes 100 list.

According to foreign media, Kardashian and Kanye will share the $2.1 billion of common property equally, unless Kanye doesnt talk about martial arts and continues to talk freely on twitter.

The reason why the breakup can avoid the common dog blood pressure of celebrity divorce is also thanks to the highly strict prenuptial agreement signed when the two married in 2014, which means that their independent business empire and huge income will be protected.

The two, known as Jinye CP by fans, insist on a friendly breakup and share custody of their children. But theres a prerequisite that if Kan publicly attacks Kim or her family, things wont be so smooth.

According to Forbes, Kanye is worth about $1.3 billion mainly in music and fashion, while Jinjies $780 million mainly comes from her cosmetics brand kkwbeau ty.

People familiar with the situation said: Jin takes the initiative in the divorce. If Kanye talks or doesnt cooperate, she will fight for more breakup fees and full custody. Public defamation is harmful to their later family relationship. They divide their property equally in order to maintain the luxury life that children are used to

Kardashian didnt wear her wedding ring when she visited a friends house in Los Angeles last Friday. In the photo taken the day before, Kan has not taken off his ring.

The last season of the reality show keeping up with the kardashians, filmed in the past six months, records Jin Jies final efforts to save her relationship. During Kans short presidential campaign, they received marriage counseling together.

Its not a coincidence that celebrities filed divorce suits on Friday afternoons before the weekend, Laura Wasser, a star lawyer who has represented king in a divorce case, said in a statement. We hope that the event will go through the news cycle smoothly, instead of occupying the whole news list from Monday. We suggest that celebrity couples solve as many problems as possible before they formally propose divorce.

As the head of the family, Kris Jenner acted as a mediator between her daughter and her son-in-law, helping them break up peacefully. She hopes Kan can keep a good relationship with the family like Scott disc, the ex boyfriend of her eldest daughter Courtney. Chris wants the divorce to go as smoothly as possible. She likes the attention that Kanye brings to her family, so if everything goes well, it would be better.