Chen Xiaoxus response to the controversy of sister Lang 2

 Chen Xiaoxus response to the controversy of sister Lang 2

Previously reported: quarrel with Rong Zuer for song selection, Chen Xiaozu cried, but was scolded by netizens

On March 12, in the latest issue of sister riding the wind and waves 2, the scene of a dispute between Joey Yung and Chen Xiaozu in the program caused heated discussion among netizens!

It is reported that the group led by Joey Yung was the most popular, and got teacher Li Zongshengs song for myself. Professional singers like Joey Yung, Chen Zitong and Jiang Yingrong found it difficult to sing, so there was a dispute in the group when they divided the lyrics. Chen Xiaoxu thinks its too difficult to sing high notes and wants to sing the low notes at the beginning. The emotion at the beginning of the song in the group is very important. It needs to be performed by professional Joey Yung. Jiang Yingrong also thinks that this kind of song needs to be full of emotion, which is difficult for professional singers.

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When Rong Zuer and Chen Xiaozu had a dispute, Chen Xiaozus direct emotion broke out, but he was scolded by countless people: is this collapse? (source: original)

From the beginning, she inexplicably said that she would sing the first sentence. Even after teacher Liu Zhuo and several singers emphasized that the first sentence of the song was not easy to sing, she still insisted that she could do it.

Then Rong Zuer and others said to let Chen Xiaozu try to sing first. At this time, Chen Xiaoxu cried directly, accusing Yung Zuer of forcing her to sing while crying, making her self-confident in singing make a fool of herself in public. Then the scene was in chaos, and Joey Yung, the team leader, cried wrongly, and then even said three words of sorry.

After the variety show was broadcast, netizens said that Chen Xiaoxu was too hypocritical and reckless.

Later, Chen Xiaozu responded in an article that there is a distinction between actors and singers. Hope to pay more attention to the final stage.

Full text:

Come to this program to let me know that ballet and pop dance are different; the process of word segmentation of 4 Gong let me know that there is also a professional distinction between actors and singers. Thanks to these differences, my experience has been fuller. Thanks for letting me know these different people and comments, so that I can have more knowledge to fill my acting career. Love you, help my sisters! In the future, we will ride the wind and waves! Call my little hip-hop teacher @ Jiang Yingrong @ Chen Zitong Tifa, my vocal music team leader @ Joey Yung! But sister 2 to now, I really have progress! Lets stop eating melons. Lets do our show and look forward to our performance! Our teams stage is more wonderful this time! Wait for you to see! @LV Yi @ Jiang Luxia JLX @ Zhang Xinyu

PS: after watching the complete program, how can you feel that your part is so axial and stubborn