Jiang Hongjie is suspected to be disheartened and ready to fight a divorce lawsuit with Fukuhara Ai

 Jiang Hongjie is suspected to be disheartened and ready to fight a divorce lawsuit with Fukuhara Ai

In particular, according to the tone of the friend, Fukuhara Ais irresistible doubts have evolved so far that they cant be sorted out. Jiang Hongjies heart has more or less got a bottom. In addition, the womans attitude is quite tough, so the couple finally went to divorce or even go to court, which is the result. He also said that Jiang Hongjie is ready to become a single father and will try his best to keep his children in Taiwan.

Previous reports: Japanese media revealed Fukuhara Ais recent situation, and friends advised her to get back together with Jiang Hongjie

According to Taiwan media reports, Fukuhara Ai was caught in a recent uproar when he was photographed traveling with Gao Shuai in Yokohama and letting him stay in his Tokyo home for the night, which was criticized by public opinion. And she has moved out of the house that was accused of no doubt about the scene, followed by the Japanese media exposed that all of them have been lost, suspected that the economic situation is tight.

Fukuharas home in Tokyo has been seen moving furniture, clothes, bicycles, etc. into a 4-ton truck, and moved out of the house in late March, according to Japanese media women themselves. It is said that Fukuhara will sell the house in the near future. Her male friends, whom she attached great importance to, were exposed to be married, and her married image was seriously damaged. Now its hard to live in a house any more.

Jiang Hongjie and his son could not be separated due to the divorce scandal. The report points out that she borrowed money to buy a house in Tokyo half a year after her marriage, and also for the convenience of future activities in Japan. However, she fell into a storm, and the situation suddenly changed. People familiar with the situation disclosed that in addition to being affected by her mood, she originally returned home for work related to the Tokyo Olympic Games, but now its considered that the East Olympic Games are held on time, and she cant get a job. Even though the house loan is about to be paid off, it will still be sold. It is also a consideration to be able to live comfortably in the future.

Fukuhara Ai, who used to update her life on social networking sites, has not been updated for a long time. Her feelings, work, and even her home are gone, which is described as all lost by Japanese media. Faced with the dilemma, friends familiar with the table tennis Industry advised her to get back together with her husband Jiang Hongjie, even if she stayed in Japan, there would be no job offers for advertisements or TV programs, so she had to go back to Taiwan. Xiao AI said that it should be very hard to bow to a husband who has suffered from verbal violence. If she can get back together, she can still live with her children.