Zheng Shuang has contacted his child twice, and Zhang Heng said that his son cried for 40 minutes when he saw her

 Zheng Shuang has contacted his child twice, and Zhang Heng said that his son cried for 40 minutes when he saw her

In this regard, Zhang Hengxian denied, and also said that in fact his family had been threatened by the other family, arguing that the sentence kill you does not mean literally, but I understand. When they chat, they often say this sentence. Zhang Heng also stressed that he was totally drunk that day, and he didnt even know what he was talking about or even understand the Chinese he typed.

Asked whether he supported the idea that children and their mothers should spend more time together, Zhang Heng said he felt that in the process of growing up, children needed a good mother, not a bad mother who tried to abandon them. If Zheng Shuang is kind to his children, he is willing to let them meet more with their mothers. But so far, he has not found out how much Zheng Shuang loves his children, nor how much he likes them.

Zhang Heng revealed that Zheng Shuang and his children met twice.

Zhang Heng said that at the second meeting, the parenting coach, Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuangs assistant, Zhang Heng, Zhang Hengs mother, and a strange man with a child were beside him. Luka cried for 40 minutes and his heart was bleeding when he heard the baby cry. But because he wanted to give the parenting coach and Zheng Shuang more time together, he chose patience.

Because at the last hearing, Zheng Shuang mentioned that Zhang Heng was too close to the child, so the child would cry. This time, Zhang Heng deliberately stood 50 meters to 80 meters away from the child. But from the beginning, his son, Luka, kept crying, while his daughter, Luna, was the same as last time, because she was too scared to move.

Then, the parenting coach tried to placate Luka, picked her up and walked in the park. But Luka cried louder, and in the end he was howling. Even stunned by the strange man next to him, he once thought that something had happened. In this process, Zheng Shuang is always with her daughter Luna, just three to four minutes by her sons side.

Zheng Shuang and his children first met on March 10. Zheng Shuang said that she had a good time with her children. Although she cried at the beginning, later, her daughter Luna even fell asleep in her arms.

Zhang Hengs theory is more tragic. Zhang Heng said that when he first met, it was about 20 to 25 minutes. The two children began to cry. Luna stood still because she was afraid. Even after Zhang Heng calmed him down, Luka cried again. Finally, the parenting coach had to give Luka to Zhang Heng in advance.

The trial lasted nearly five hours, and the judge announced the final result two weeks after his final decision. Judging from his final statement, he preferred joint custody.