Guos new book of Three Kingdoms

 Guos new book of Three Kingdoms

As early as before the broadcast, the public had been full of expectations for this new variety show through the fast talk challenge of Deyun society and the call relay of many stars. After the premiere of the program, the high-quality content has also won the praise of the audience and the media. #Guo Degangs explanation of the mystery of Cao Caos life experience, Guo Degangs Three Kingdoms fashion blockbuster, and other topics have been on the microblog hot list.

In the program, Guo Degang, based on the story of the Three Kingdoms, uses a professional storytelling performance to explain historical allusions in combination with current events. There are not only cold knowledge about the Three Kingdoms, such as that Taoyuan sanjieyi is in Zhang Feis home, and Cao Cao is the eldest son of the adopted son of a eunuch, which benefits the audience a lot; but also 5g network sense interpretation from a modern perspective, such as the movie like encounter between Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, and that straw boat borrowing arrows is collecting wool, which not only has a strong sense of picture, but also arouses the audiences high resonance.

In addition to the story of the Three Kingdoms, Guo Degang also contacted his personal experience and shared many interesting stories of Deyun society. It not only attracted the audiences praise. Topics such as how parents like to show off their children and how outrageous the generation of contemporary people can be have also aroused heated discussion among netizens. No matter the influence of the Three Kingdoms culture, the appeal of Deyun society, or Guo Degangs personal charm on the stage, Lao Guo You Xin fan has attracted great attention.

New interpretation of stories creating humanistic atmosphere storytelling leading cultural trend

In recent years, young people are more and more interested in traditional art such as crosstalk. The popularity of IP such as Deyun mens group is a great embodiment of the integration of traditional culture and hot spots of the times. The appearance of Lao Guo You Xin fan brings storytelling into the public view again. The program not only combines the youth expression with the characteristics of the times, but also has the interesting interaction of the whole people. The perfect combination of knowledge and entertainment makes the audience know more about the culture of the Three Kingdoms in a relaxed laughter.