Is Wowkie Zhang make complaints about the Tucao Convention?

 Is Wowkie Zhang make complaints about the Tucao Convention?

Zhang Wei, have you talked about talk shows this season? Just want to take talking? You know there are singing, dancing, jumping and acting in your performance, but there is no talking. This is make complaints about Wowkie Zhang make complaints about the final meeting of Tucao conference.

To tell you the truth, Zhang Weis performance has nothing to do with talk shows. After a few words, he starts dancing. Its not funny, but also very noisy. He just wants to fast forward or change the channel. The performance of the guests and audience in the finals also showed Wowkie Zhangs pale in the performance. When he Tucao tengtai rose, Zhang Shaogang and Yi Lijing looked at each other, embarrassed to say what is this. Make complaints about Pan Changjiang, Cai Ming and other people who had swept the guests seats were all serious, and were not impressed by Wowkie Zhangs burden.

Pan Changjiang and Cai Mings reaction to Zhang Weis performance

Some viewers make complaints about Wowkie Zhangs performance in Tucao conference as a variety show, but in fact it is a continuation of Stephen Chows past nonsensical performance. Looking at the performance of Zhang Wei this season, most of the time, there is no theme, no core, and the inflexible laugh points, coupled with his crazy style, which is really unacceptable. For Zhang Wei, who takes part in 20 or 30 variety shows a year, it is not easy to record every program in the same crazy state.

Make complaints about the conference this season. At the beginning of this seasons program, Li Shi talked about this change. He wanted to invite all the people who could be represented by the popular culture of this year to do a fight of popular culture. The biggest reason for Lis choice is make complaints about the Tucao conference go down: more and more funny and white washing conference. Make complaints about make complaints about make complaints about the breakthrough of Tucaos talk show. So the program make complaints about strange rules. In the past, the pattern of Tucao meeting was never seen again. Yang Li make complaints about the Tucao conference when he first came to make complaints about the Tucao conference. How good this program is, no competition, and now we are going to play. Are you crazy?

Revision, team Tucao, make complaints about competition. Make complaints about the Tucao conference, but make complaints about it even more and more. For example, in the finals, Wang Jianguo was fired as CP of the snow train, and Yan Hexiang continued to be left by his mocking partner Guo Qilin The twists and turns of these stalks have long tired the audience. There is no innovation in the content, just the shell and packaging.

If we make complaints about the conference as a general variety, it must be qualified. After all, there will be plenty of bursting point to relax ourselves, but the core of the program is talk show. In contrast, how many people are really talking about talk shows this season? In the final finals, only Wang Jianguo was a real talk show actor, while Zhang Wei, Yan Hexiang and Yi Lijing were from other industries. Bursting point make complaints about the best traditions of the past, that is, pushing up their own outstanding talk show actors. He may not be famous without traffic, but he has a lot of content to laugh at.

This embarrassment, on the one hand, shows that the industry is in recession; on the other hand, it also shows that in the face of reality, the popularity is still higher than everything, so Li Shi has to bow down. Unknown to the public, the manuscripts of the stars were created by the writers of the laughing childrens culture. These obscure writers rarely had the chance to appear before the stage. Wang Jianguo, who was the only fruit left, finally made a wish to make complaints about the third.

Li Sheng once said in this seasons program that it is more and more difficult every season, and even the fifth season doesnt want to be held any more. Many viewers say that the program has no laughing point, and guests are harder to invite than before. Can make nothing of it? Make complaints about the sixth season. But if the program only aims at the garish competition system and famous stars, it will not be enough for the audience.