Reba is scolded for her role as a playwright and plays CP like a brother and sister with Wu Lei

 Reba is scolded for her role as a playwright and plays CP like a brother and sister with Wu Lei

Chang Ge Xing is adapted from the famous cartoonist Xia Das cartoon of the same name.

The story is about the nine years of Tang Wude, when the inner court changed, the daughter of the former Crown Prince Li Changge (Dili Reba) escaped.

On the way to escape, she meets ASHELE Falcon (Wu Lei), a special agent of grassland tribe who is not named Qin Zhun, and they become intimate friends.

After living in captivity and exile, Li Changge decided to put aside his personal grudges, put the country first, and protect the safety of the Tang people

Delireba plays the heroine, Princess Li Changge with excellent martial arts.

Many people make complaints about the old fashioned style of this hot bar. They lack the sense of obstinate girl in the original cartoon.

She is still more suitable for the look of hair in three lives three lives ten li peach blossom.

But long song needs her style to be more sourer and more practical.

The stylists hairstyle is too demanding to restore the cartoon, and does not consider the inconsistency between Reba and the cartoon characters faces.

It shows that his face is long and his facial features are too deep, which is not like the short board of the ancients.

The two dragon whiskers beside the cheek are redundant, which not only does not modify the face shape, but also takes away the audiences attention.

Wu Lei plays the Male No.1 Ashley falcon.

Since fighting against the sky, Wu Leis ancient costume has been able to stand the test.

Zhao Lusi plays No.2 female Li Leyan, and her role in the play is better than that in Chen Qianqian.

Whats more, this time her role and Chen Qianqian are totally different personalities, which can also give the audience a more diversified aspect of her acting skills.

Its modern brother Liu Yuning who plays male No.2 and cold faced bodyguard Haodu.

Most people know him through the song let wine. In addition to the singer status, Liu Yuning has been active in all kinds of film and television dramas in recent two years.

For example, the previous ultimate notes played the role of black glasses.

This time in long song, Liu Yuning used the original sound for the first time.

The advantages of long song are obvious.

The first is the growth of Wu Lei.

In changgexing, he is no longer Tang buku and xiaofeiliu in our impression.

But grow up to really understand the man, between the eyebrows have su feeling.

The eyes are sharp and the temperament is a.

Look at the muscles.

The young man has both unrestrained and mature mind.

Second, all kinds of CP collocation, always get one.

Li Leyan, the second girl played by Zhao Lusi, has magical physique.

Although she was weak, she didnt hate it and didnt drag her feet.

Hearing that Hao wants to take the life of her beloved brother Shuyu, she jumps into the carriage without hesitation.

In order to protect Changge and Shuyu, although she is afraid of Haodu in her heart, she still orders Haodu to stay by her side.

Although she doesnt have the martial arts like Changge, she protects the people she wants to protect in her own way.

Because of the resentment of the previous generation, Changge and Leyan break up unilaterally.

But le Yan is affectionate and righteous, with good thoughts.

Even when he was being held hostage, he was still worried about the safety of Changge, regardless of his own life.

Li Changge ignored her. She was like a small animal pestering her to make up.

The appearance of tears, looking really distressing.

Laugh at the sight of you.

I dont want to go anywhere. I just want to go back.

A hand that wants to touch and let go.

Netizens also named the CP, including Dilu, Barth Lightyear, spa, and Lilu Xiu.

Mr. Li, Shi Hong.

At the same time, cold bodyguard Haodu x pure Princess Leyan, which is like a combination of lone wolf and little white rabbit, is still the audiences favorite classic collocation.

Haodu rescues Le Yan who is kidnapped. Worried that she will be lost again, she gives Le Yan a bell.

As soon as he rings the bell, he appears.

Because Haoyans plays are too few, but often in the same frame and let people very top, CP powder has already begun to pick up trivia and notice list in advance.

Its said that there is a martial arts competition between the two of them. Please be he!

Third, the female owners personal structure is very good.

Li Changge is good at martial arts, smart and calm.

Have a good drink and have a forthright disposition.

Drink and talk with the man, you can feel the balance between them.

They are first comrades in arms, friends, and then lovers.

After she suffered humiliation and was killed, she thrust the arrow that killed her mother into her palm and vowed revenge.

In Episode 7 and 8, Li Changge first sees through his uncles bitter meat plan.

Even if they are caught, they are fearless in the face of danger and think of the method of relying on strength to fight.

Using Haodu who chased her to disrupt the war, he finally escaped successfully.

11. In the 12 episodes, she joined the family of sun Heng, the governor of Jinzhou, showing her ability to be familiar with the art of war.

The assassin was locked up in prison by the traitors March manager, and he was about to join the enemy.

The long song feign death made the opponent relax his guard and appeared again when the marching general offered the city.

With the help of the ashile people, he eradicated the general manager of the March and rescued Gongsun Heng.

It not only saved Gongsun Hengs life, but also ensured that the city would not be lost.

Finally, the river, which was built early, was used to submerge Ashlers army.

Before fleeing, Changge steals the seal from the crown prince;

But she gradually understood that the jade seal is just a dead thing, and what makes people happy is always the truth of peoples hearts.

The track of growth is gradual and clear.

In the past, these plots were more likely to take place in the works of male characters, but now they are concentrated on the female characters in long song, which is really a kind of progress.

Finally, the supporting actors in the play, whether they are Li Shimin, played by Geng Le, or Fang Xuanling or Du Ruhui, are very good at acting online.

But the shortcomings of long song are also obvious.

First of all, although there are all kinds of CP in the play, only the male and female protagonists have the weakest sense of CP.

Although Wu Lei trained himself very strong, they were also of poor height and shape, but their siblings and brothers felt overweight.

Its not that the two actors are bad, its that they dont match.

Reba is more suitable for a man who can hold her down and is older than her.

For example, the combination with Gao Weiguang in Sansheng Sanshi Shili Taohua.

Although Wu Lei has the side of a little suckling dog, he seems to be more suitable for a pale actress.

Secondly, there is a big gap between the story of long song and the real history.

As the daughter of Li Jiancheng, Li Shimin is not the perfect monarch in her praise.

Some fans even described him as Li Shimin, the thief of stealing the country..

However, in reality, the Tang Dynasty was founded by Li Shimin, who was superior in strategy, force and ruling ability.

Because many audiences are very familiar with the history of the early Tang Dynasty, they will have a wonderful sense of separation when they watch the long song and the misunderstanding and contempt of Li Shimin in the early period of a-falcon.

As early as when changgexing was filmed, it was reported by history fans who like the culture of the Tang Dynasty.

Of course, we dont advocate any reporting behavior. Movies and TV plays have the right to joke.

However, this leads to an embarrassing situation, that is, how the audience should position long song.

If we regard it as a pure historical plot drama, we should be a little bit childish; if we regard it as an ancient love drama, CP, the leading character with more space, is not as good as vice CP.

Third, the setting of live animation is not acceptable to everyone.

The first second is real, the second is animation.

In fact, this kind of technique is nothing new.

For example, Kill Bill will also take some inconvenient interpretation of the paragraph, or focus on the camera animation.

Liu Yuling plays yoshiza Ishii. When her adoptive father sexually assaulted her as a child, she stabbed her to death while she was unprepared.

This kind of scene, if uses the real person performance to be somewhat cruel and inappropriate.

At the same time, in the form of animation, it is easier to highlight Quentins violence aesthetics.

In the early years, Liu Shishi and Huo Jianhuas TV play a plum blossom also used the technique of animation freeze frame.

The director of long song line said that he hoped the audience would have the feeling of reading the original cartoon when watching the play.

Lets look at the scene of animation in the play.

One is falling into the water from a bridge, and the other is jumping into the river from a cliff.

Another is the war scenes, half of which are expressed in the form of cartoons.

The audience cant help but feel that the crew is lazy and easy-going, and they doubt the attitude of the actors.

In general, long song has a score of 6-7, which is not as bad as online criticism.

Just a week ago, the follow-up development of long song is still very much to be expected.

What needs to be guaranteed is that the follow-up plot does not pull the crotch. At the same time, in the important play of ambiguous and love between men and women, the CP feelings of Reba and Wu Lei can be aroused.

Are you optimistic about the follow-up Zhenxiang of changgexing? Whats the score for the current plot?

Leave a message for you.

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