The prototype of my sister is suspected to be picked up: the elder sister gives her younger brother away when her parents die

 The prototype of my sister is suspected to be picked up: the elder sister gives her younger brother away when her parents die

Whether to abandon my younger brother in the hot ending of my sister

The movie my elder sister tells a family story of my elder sister after her parents died unexpectedly. She is faced with the problem of pursuing an independent life or raising her younger brother. Enron, played by Zhang Zifeng, is a sister who is forced to grow up. She was beaten by her parents when she was a child and was fostered in her aunts home. In order to escape this place, she wants to go to Beijing for postgraduate entrance examination and want to live the life she wants.

However, his parents left in a car accident, and his brother, who had been hidden for many years, also showed up. On the one hand, its the life Ive been dreaming of, on the other hand, its the younger brother left by my parents. How should Enron choose? In the end, will she stay at home to take care of her younger brother or go to Beijing to pursue her dream? This film has also caused a lot of social and family issues of discussion and reflection.

Compared with the warm ending in the film, the suspected archetypal story of my sister is like this: my 2-year-old brother died in a car accident due to his parents, and was given to a rural couple by his 23-year-old sister, and set up a letter never to communicate with each other.

A netizen commented: its said that the prototype of my sister has been changed by the movie magic. The real ending is that my sister sold the house and gave my brother to a poor family. To tell you the truth, I would like to see the prototype version. Every minute, my older parents secretly gave birth to their sons without telling their daughter. In an accident, both of them died. My daughter was full of resentment and inner struggle. Finally, she respected her original intention, cut the mess quickly, sold the house to send her brother away, and lived her own life.

There are two levels of differentiation in the film my sister. A lot of audiences are poked by the story. In this section of the subway, the younger brother thinks that his elder sister is going to lose himself. Crying while looking for his elder sisters part makes many audiences feel distressed. After finding his elder sister, the younger brother pulls on his elder sisters arm and says, go home! Tearful faction pointed out: This is the most worth seeing film since the Spring Festival. Its very tearful.

The opposition pointed out: my sisters archetypal story is not shuangwen. It can only be said that the girl finally lives like a person. Shes great, shes excellent, shes strong, shes brave, shes hardworking. Shes so nice.

Suspected original post: sell the house to send my brother away

According to the reporters textual research: my sister has two earliest sources. One is Zhihu. At that time, there was a hot question. An anonymous elder sister was asking Zhihu questions. Her parents died and she had a new born brother, but she didnt want to give the legacy to her brother. So she sent her brother to the countryside to break the relationship and asked am I right?. At that time, this issue caused a large-scale discussion.

The other is a well-known forum in 2013 with the title of I took my two-year-old brother out after my parents died.

In the original post, the elder sister has no feelings for the younger brother, who is 21 years apart. Im also very glad to choose to give up this so-called brother. Brother, in the 21 years before me, never made me feel nauseous.

In the paper, the author wrote:

Ive been the only child all my life. When Im supposed to have a family and a career for more than ten years, Ill take pains to bring up a younger brother like a elder sister in feudal society.

Sorry, I cant.

People are selfish, human nature is evil. Selfishness is nature, it doesnt matter whether its only child or not.

She faces humanity:

I told them who was going to take them. I had no conditions and no interest. My relatives said they would sue me.

She used the law to defend her rights and interests

Many netizens felt that her parents had given her two houses, at least one for her younger brother. They thought she was too selfish. Some people supported her, but most of them opposed.

Many netizens were angry and said that they were chest stuffy after reading this post. Some netizens even said that the landlords post strengthened their determination to have a second child, saying that the only child is too terrible. I dont want my daughter to be like that. Supportive netizens believe that this post can let all parents who ignore family conflicts and childrens happiness reflect on themselves.

Some netizens doubt the authenticity of this post. Some people point out that at the beginning, it was clearly said that her parents were divorcing and gave her only two or two houses! Later, he was scolded and said that it was given by his grandfather. The description of the problem was inconsistent and even lied.

22-year-old sister refused to raise 2-year-old brother was prosecuted attention prototype also can not find the source

it happens that there is a similar case. In September last year, parents have a second child and ask their 22-year-old daughter to support them attracted attention. In an online video, lawyers made comments on this case. In the video: a couple living on subsistence allowances, a few years after giving birth to their second child, because of their physical and financial conditions, they are unable to raise their children well, so they want their eldest daughter to raise them, but they have never thought that their daughter strongly opposes this. In the end, the couple sued their own daughter for the incident. The court ruled in favor of her parents that Lili, as a sister, had to raise her younger brother. The lawyer said: according to our countrys marriage law and the coming into force of the Civil Code, if parents have no ability to support their children, in this case, brothers and sisters have the obligation to support them. Then, for this two-year-old child, the elder sisters obligation to bring up can not be refused.

Many netizens think that parents who give birth to a second child regardless of their familys economic situation and do not support them add an unbearable burden to their daughter at the beginning of their life. With the current economic situation, this is a devastating burden for ordinary people. Whats the difference between giving birth to a son and giving birth to a daughter?? My daughters life may be ruined by the burden of this so-called younger brother! In the end, the staff of Guangzhou Judicial Bureau came forward to explain that this was a cooperative program between the law popularization Department of the Judicial Bureau and the TV station. The case was found by the production team on the Internet, but its authenticity could not be traced to the source.

The screenwriter once said: inspiration comes from the opening of the two child policy

Previously, you Xiaoying, the writer of my sister, talked about the original intention of her creation. She once said: because the two-child policy was released in 2015, some girls around her are experiencing the same things as her sister in the film. The second child that her parents want to have is more than ten years or even more than twenty years younger than them. They will have some grievances and uneasiness. Family drama is very difficult to write and shoot. Director Yin Ruoxin will have a sense of mission when she gets the script. She wants to tell everyone that they should be seen!