Wu Qilongs ex-wife Ma Yashu married a foreign husband

 Wu Qilongs ex-wife Ma Yashu married a foreign husband

Some netizens exposed the gags of Ma Yashus shooting. We can see that her facial features, which are three-dimensional, are still well maintained. In fact, when she attended the activity last month, she was in the same good condition and her figure was not out of shape. She was not like a 44 year old mother of two children

And her support club also exposed the recent situation of a couple of mixed race children. Many of them grow up with delicate and three-dimensional facial features. They should be handsome and beautiful in the future. In fact, Ma Yashu and his foreign husband James have been married for 11 years, and their relationship is still happy. James even revealed that when he met Ma Yashu at the airport, he fell in love with her at first sight and took the initiative to pursue her.

As a matter of fact, Ma Yashu often gets a bad name after her divorce. After Wu Qilong recognized her love for Liu Shishi in 2013, her and Wu Qilongs past was discussed again. The media even claimed that the condition for their divorce was that the woman could get a million yuan alimony and a luxury house. Ma Yashu issued a statement to refute: I didnt take any more advantage of his divorce. The 1 million yuan and six million yuan luxury houses claimed by the media were given to my ex-wife Alimony is nothing.

In addition, the daughter of James and his ex-wife asked why she left your ex-husband? Ma Yashu revealed with a wry smile that he just lost feeling with his ex husband. I dont want to do anything for him anymore, so does he to me. the main reason for the first loose divorce was that he didnt want to do anything for him.