Hu Xinger announces three births: boy again! Here comes Li Yihong

 Hu Xinger announces three births: boy again! Here comes Li Yihong

It is reported that after breaking up with her boyfriend Huang Zongze who has been in love for seven years, Hu Xinger married an outsider Li Chengde. They held a romantic wedding in December 2015. After marriage, Hu Xinger gave birth to her eldest son Li Yiting in October 2017 and her second son Li Yilin in July 2019.

Previous reports: Hu Xinger is pregnant in August, eating with her husband is approaching the delivery period, eating a lot

On February 28, Li Chengde shared a photo of her wife Hu Xinger going out to dinner with her on the personal social platform. In the photo, Hu Xinger, who is eight months pregnant with her third baby, appeared in front of the camera wearing a pink hat and glasses, holding a fork in one hand and touching her belly gently in the other hand. At the same time, she looked at the delicious food in front of her and laughed sweetly.

Later, Huang Zhiwen, Hu Xingers best friend, asked Li Chengde online whether xinger could finish the food. Li Chengde responded by calling it killedit..

It is worth mentioning that although Hu Xingers food intake has become larger, she is not fat as a whole except for her growing pregnant belly. This time, her sharp chin grabs the full lens, and her exposed arm is as thin as ever.

It is reported that last Christmas, Hu Xinger announced on the Internet the good news of her third child, and many netizens sent her sincere wishes.

However, after she was pregnant with Sanbao, Hu Xinger didnt take care of the baby at home, but continued to work hard. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she finished the recording of the variety show please take your place without telling everyone around her. Later, she won the championship in one fell swoop. After the actor, Hu Xinger appeared in various activities one after another, and she also appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.