Rising sun, masculine, singing in spring in the street?

 Rising sun, masculine, singing in spring in the street?

The equipment is very simple in the performance of sunrise and masculinity. There was no complete stage at the scene, only a random table with a red stereo on it and a black speaker under their feet.

Although the long lost cooperation between the two really reminds people of the past glory of this combination, many netizens in the comments below in this video dont pay for their suspected comeback, and some even say that they wont get angry again and advise them to go home as soon as possible.

Not long ago, a social platform account released a video of Wang Xu and Liu Gang eating on the same stage. Wang Xu and Liu Gang in the video did not sit together, separated by several people, it seems that there is not much communication.

It is reported that Xuri Yanggang is popular because of the cover of in spring. In 2010, they took part in Avenue of stars and won the second place in the annual finals. The original author of in spring is Wang Feng. After Xuri Yanggang continued to sing this song, Wang Feng issued a long article forbidding Xuri Yanggang to sing this song again. This incident also let the rising sun masculine career down, not long after the two on their own solo.