What a coincidence! Little s Jia Jingwens eldest daughter in the same frame

 What a coincidence! Little s Jia Jingwens eldest daughter in the same frame

It is reported that the one standing in the middle is a dance teacher.

Some netizens said that Wutong sister took off her glasses, giving people a sense of the bright light. Although she looks similar to her father, she inherited Alyssa Chias temperament.

It is reported that Xu Xiwen is learning dance and always wins the first prize in competition. Actually, Wutong Mei has studied for many years, and two people who follow the same dance teacher can also be regarded as a classmate.

Previously reported: pregnant with a fourth child? Jia Jingwen rolled her eyes and responded: having a third child has contributed to the society

Earlier, media reported that Jia Jingwen, 46, was suspected of having four children. On March 17, Jia Jingwen was interviewed by the media. In response to this rumor, Jia Jingwen rolled her eyes on the spot. She said that she had three children and had made contributions to the society. She did not need to have them.

In addition, Jia shared her parenting experience in the interview. She revealed that she would buy some picture books about physical contact for her daughter, and teach her children not to touch the place where they wear vests.

A reporter asked Jia Jingwen if she would put her daughter together for comparison. Jia Jingwen replied that the second daughter, software, now thinks its disgusting to be a princess, so she wont compete with her sister for favor.

It is reported that Jia Jingwen has three daughters. Her daughter, Wutong Mei, was born with her ex husband and divorced and lived with her. In 2015, Jia Jingwen married nine year old actor Xiu Jiekai and gave birth to her second daughter, software. Two years later, Jia Jingwen gave birth to her little daughter boniu.