Girl reveals love details with Aidous ex boyfriend: turn off all lights when you enter

 Girl reveals love details with Aidous ex boyfriend: turn off all lights when you enter

Previously reported: xiaoxianrous ex girlfriend has been exposed to the sun and then posted an article: she has dated more than a dozen love beans

Recently, a netizen who claimed to be many of Aidous ex girlfriends released several secretly photographed kissing videos, accusing him of playing with his body and feelings. In the early morning of March 26, she wrote a long article again, saying that she had been subjected to cold violence by her husband. The woman revealed that because she broke up with Xiao Yuliang, a man who loves beans, she had a negative relationship with more than a dozen love beans and was full of information.

A netizen revealed that the implication of mmaql was that he had been dating Xiao Yuliang for five years, but because Xiao abandoned himself, he later made a new boyfriend.

Previously, the netizen released a large-scale kiss video, and even released the voice of two people talking to hammer the man.

Xiao Yuliang joined the mens group zero-g in 2016 and made his official debut. In 2017, his personal first TV play the choice of heaven was broadcasted. In 2018, he took part in the modern Adventure theme TV play sand sea. In 2020, his youth adventure drama the ultimate notes was broadcasted and became popular.

Before that, Xiao Yuliang was suspected to have been exposed to a recording. Although the recording was not particularly clear, he could hear the conversation between him and his friends. The content was that he said with complacency: honey, we are different now. Have you ever thought about what to say? Because Im going to be the next Xiao Zhan.

Many make complaints about boast without shame.

On March 15, 2021, Xiao Yuliangs studio issued a statement, saying that Xiao Yuliangs old disease relapsed, causing physical discomfort and requiring recuperation. Therefore, all related work will be temporarily suspended in the near future.