Chen qiaoens date with a 9-year-old rich mans boyfriend

 Chen qiaoens date with a 9-year-old rich mans boyfriend

After discovering the new functions of the kettle, the man asked Chen to come and have a look as if he had discovered a new world. However, the attraction of the kettle was far less important than that of clothes. Then Chen continued to choose other clothes to try on.

Shopping is just the first stop for a date. Soon they will pick up their tickets at the movie ticket window and take the elevator to the cinema hall on the 7th floor of the mall.

During this period, Chen Qiao En and her boyfriend sat opposite each other, playing with their mobile phones in the form of bow head clan. There was almost nothing to say in the waiting process. The man once took off his mask and ate popcorn. They were more like an old husband and wife with tacit understanding.

In September last year, Chen Qiaoen put down his work and went back to Taiwan to live together with his little 9-year-old boyfriend. Up to now, he has no intention of working and claims that he is still on vacation.