Japanese textbooks to delete Fukuhara love story? Publishing House: in the process of evaluation and review

 Japanese textbooks to delete Fukuhara love story? Publishing House: in the process of evaluation and review

Fukuharas story has been published in the Japanese primary school moral textbook

According to the freedom times, hirojitang publishing house, which is responsible for publishing the moral textbook of Japanese second grade primary school students, told Japanese media womens seven that the textbook has published 170000 copies. At the beginning, Fukuharas childhood story really conforms to the moral value that the textbook wants to convey: hope, courage and effort. However, after Fukuharas outbreak of incestuous disturbance, the publishing house has received many responses The parents request for deletion is currently under review.

Guangjitang publishing house also said that since the revision of textbooks must be approved by the Ministry of education, culture, culture, science and technology of Japan, the society must consider many aspects and has not yet decided the time to apply for the change of textbooks.

The rumor that Fukuhara Ai, a former Japanese table tennis player, and her Taiwanese husband, Jiang Hongjie, have been getting attention in recent days. Fukuhara Ai was even photographed dating a man from an office worker outside the circle in Yokohama, suspected of cheating. Fukuhara Ai was interviewed by Japanese media womens seven magazine for the first time after her marriage on the 10th. In an interview, AI Fukuhara said that she returned to Japan in January this year to go through the formalities for the establishment of a company. At that time, the object of her consultation was the hero of the derailment door. However, she firmly denied cheating, saying that they met at a friends dinner party six or seven years ago and never saw each other again. When she returned to Japan this year, she felt nervous because of many things accumulated, and suddenly remembered the boy, so she took the initiative to contact him.

She explained that it was a fact that they stayed in a hotel together on the same day, but when they reserved two rooms, the man only helped her carry her luggage to her room, while her home was a single building with many rooms.

Fukuhara Ai and male friends

According to todays (20 th) freedom times, Fukuharas mother and her two children were still in Taiwan when she left Taiwan early this year to fly back to Japan. Today, AI Fukuharas mother, chiyoji Fukuhara, appeared at Taiwans Songshan Airport. Accompanied by her son-in-law, Jiang Hongjie, and her grandchildren, she checked in and returned to Japan.

Aii Fukuharas mother, chiyoi Fukuhara (second from left), shows up at Songshan Airport

Jiang Hongjie (left) sends Fukuhara Ais mother back to Japan