Huang Shengyis husband reveals to be a beauty netizen: is it a crisis to marry a female star?

 Huang Shengyis husband reveals to be a beauty netizen: is it a crisis to marry a female star?

In the face of Yang Zis beauty, besides some netizens expressing their normal, some netizens also make complaints about their beauty. They think they cant accept a big man for beauty, or even leave a message asking Yang Zi to have a sense of crisis in marrying a female star.

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According to Netease Entertainment on January 28, Yang Zi, the husband of actress Huang Shengyi, recently carried a live video on social network. After seeing traces of suspected bruises on his face and nose, netizens pointed out that he seemed to be injured and caused a lot of speculation. As can be seen from the clip, Yang Zi is in the carriage with a seat belt on his chest and a small car hanging from his collar. Behind him, he saw Huang Shengyi. The fact that the couple share the same car and sit back and forth separately also makes Netizens feel strange. However, the two did not communicate with each other. The man said hello to the fans from time to time, but the woman only played with her mobile phone in the back seat, only occasionally looked up at the man and did not speak. After the speculation of domestic violence, Yang Zi explained in the video that the corner of his mouth seemed to be red again, but it was just a stain after eating pitaya.

Yangs ex-wife, Tao Hong, is from Shanghai and is now a senior executive of the company. In 2003, Yang Zi and Tao Hong gave birth to a daughter named Yang hailun. On May 27, 2015, Yang Zi appeared as a star student at a reality show press conference and for the first time acquiesced to having a son with Huang Shengyi. On June 11, 2015, Yang Zi publicly admitted that he had been married to Huang Shengyi for eight years.

On January 22, 2017, Yang Zi and Huang Shengyis second son was born in Vancouver, Canada, and Yang Zi accompanied them all the way. In August of the same year, his wife Huang Shengyi posted the family photo of a family of four on Weibo to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary.