Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen take their daughter to take a household registration photo

 Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen take their daughter to take a household registration photo

Some netizens questioned that how to register without marriage. It is reported that children born out of wedlock, single parents and adopted children can settle down, but they need proof of relationship. That is to say, the man requires paternity test to prove the relationship, while the woman can directly provide birth certificate to prove the relationship.

Previously reported: the boys fans revealed that the childs English Name: Judy, brilliance Yu will take responsibility

On the 22nd, after huachenyu admitted having a child with Zhang Bichen, the official blog of huachenyu global fans Association issued a blessing and exposed their daughters English name. Judy is a special gift from God. As a singer, huachenyu will bear its responsibility and accompany little Judy to grow up healthily with love as a new father. As fans, we respect his decision and are very happy to see him harvest his own peaceful happiness and joy. We will continue to support his music career as fans.

On the 22nd, Hua Chenyu admitted to having a daughter with Zhang Bichen. He was exposed to having a paternity test and settled in Shanghai after confirming that he was a parent-child relationship. He also exposed his daughters name: Hua Yingchen.

Previously, it was revealed that brilliance Yu also took her child to have a paternity test, and her daughters name was Hua Yingchen. It seems that when Zhang Bichen suddenly came back with his daughter to find him, Hua Chenyu was also very surprised. It is reported that Hua Chenyus daughter was born in the spring of 19 and is two years old.

But now the three members of the family are very happy, and their daughter has also been favored by her parents, grandparents. After that, Hua Chenyu also wrote a long article again, sighing that the arrival of the child cured him a lot, and also said that the child was very lovely. From Hua Chenyus daily description of his daughter, we can see that the three members of the family are very happy. Before choosing not to expose, I was also afraid that my children would be hurt, and I was afraid that I could not explain it clearly and bring harm to fans.