Estrangement from Zhou Dongyu? Ma Sichuns response: there is no one to play with

 Estrangement from Zhou Dongyu? Ma Sichuns response: there is no one to play with

In the video, Ma Sichun responds to the problem of estrangement from his good friend Zhou Dongyu. Ma Sichun says that there is no one to play with. The two people are two different individuals, and the negative comments from netizens are just a channel for them to vent.

Earlier, some netizens posted a post on the social platform, saying that when watching the program, they found Ma Sichun was fat again. They also said frankly that Ma Sichun didnt look like she was getting fat normally. It seemed that she was swollen and fat caused by taking medicine.

Ma Sichun was repeatedly exposed to his poor health and once stopped work to recuperate. When she participated in the variety show, she showed her heart to the audience. Im sick.

She revealed that she was on the show to feel the cheerful atmosphere and heal herself. Although the tone of ridicule, but also let the audience feel very distressed.

It is reported that Ma Sichun and Zhou Dongyu have become good friends because they starred in the movie July and an Sheng. Recently, they have had frequent interactions on social platforms. Before that, no matter what new plays they have to show, they would help promote them, and they often travel together.

But later, Zhou Dongyu gradually starred in many very popular movies, such as young you, while Ma Sichun didnt have as much chance to appear on the big screen as Zhou Dongyu, and the distance between them gradually widened. Because the two are rarely in the same frame in their career development, it is said that their friendship is not as deep as before. But good friends, even if they dont see each other often, will help each other when they need each other.

In the future, I also wish Ma Sichun a good state and look forward to bringing us more good works.