Zhang Bichen suspected that she was pregnant, and the screen of the program was exposed that she kept drinking water to relieve pregnant vomiting

 Zhang Bichen suspected that she was pregnant, and the screen of the program was exposed that she kept drinking water to relieve pregnant vomiting

Careful Netizens found that in the process of recording this program, Zhang Bichens pregnancy reaction was very obvious, and even wanted to vomit many times. But because she was in the process of recording, she was afraid that the reaction would be found by the fans on the scene, so she just had to rest and keep looking for water to drink.

As can be seen from the following picture, Zhang Bichen sits in her seat and keeps looking for water to drink. She looks very anxious. The staff then hands in the water cup. She says thank you and drinks after taking the water cup. After drinking, she is in a slightly better state.

Some of the shots look like Zhang Bichen has been very nauseous, has been swallowing saliva, but also deep breathing self suppression pregnant vomiting reaction, looks very uncomfortable.

On January 22, Hua Chenyu admitted to having a daughter with Zhang Bichen. Hua Chenyu responded to the media: Thank you for your attention. Huahua is single now. Both parties will raise their children and participate in the growth process of their children without marriage.

Zhang Bichen also admitted the matter in an article, saying that after they were together, they had never had a child and got married in the plan. When they learned that they were pregnant in the autumn of 2018, they were confused. Therefore, without the knowledge of huachenyu, they completed the pregnancy and childbirth alone, and successfully upgraded to a mother.

Just when everyone was talking about eating melon, Zhang Bichens Micro blog was picked up by netizens in 2018. It seemed that she wanted to find clues when she was pregnant. On October 9, 18, Zhang Bichen wrote that the body returned to the state when she had just returned home, and she was never able to do it. I dont know whether the future is promising, but life is really ascetic. I began to think about what I wanted, and the only thing remained unchanged The key is not to make trouble for others.

Many netizens speculate that Zhang Bichen should be in the first trimester at this time. Because of her discomfort, the pregnant womans reaction will make her mood fluctuate greatly. At this time, she is not accompanied by her lover. Fortunately, she has the care of her good friends. A few days later, when Zhang Bichen was blogging for yingbaoqing, she also attached three photos, two of which were taken with Zhao Liying.

According to Yingbaos birth on March 8, 2019, she should have been almost five months pregnant at that time. In order to comfort her best friend, Yingbao took her pregnant belly to accompany Zhang Bichen. Netizens said, its too warm. Both of them have a plain face. Their skin condition is very good, and they cant see the trace of pregnancy.