Does Huang Yi encounter salty pig hands on the wine table? Cuddled and shouldered by fellow men

 Does Huang Yi encounter salty pig hands on the wine table? Cuddled and shouldered by fellow men

See this scene, netizens call: sister ah, long dim sum bar..

It is reported that Huang Yi had two failed marriages. She herself had Tucao herself: make complaints about the wrong chair.

In 2009, Huang Yi was exposed to flash marriage with her first husband Jiang Kai, but in 2010, Huang Yi announced that they had divorced and separated. Then Huang Yi and Huang Yiqing married, but the marriage ended in 2014.

In 2014, Huang Yi and Huang Yis honest and upright officials announced their divorce, and then they started a five-year online curse war. Huang Yiqing accused Huang Yi of hyaluronic acid, plastic surgery and hype.

Due to her ex husbands constant splashing of dirty water, Huang Yis image is destroyed and his work is greatly affected.

It was not until August 2019 that Huang Yiqing was administratively punished for spreading untrue remarks and making rumors for many times that Huang Yis life was calmed down. On July 10, 2020, Huang Yiqing was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and confiscation of 50000 yuan for drug trafficking.

Subsequently, Huang Yicai opened his own plan to return to the show, and make complaints about actors in position and Tucao assembly. Recently, she took part in the love variety show again. As a result, the first male guest was picked out. Her sexual orientation was not female and she was cheated. On January 28, Huang Yi wrote a long article on the social platform, responding to the previous controversy about dating a cheating gay lawyer, and said that what she wanted to find was a person who really understood me and could accept all of me. To this end, fans expressed come on, sister and you deserve the best.

After that, the latest date arranged by the program group was a 53 year old architect, who got along well with each other.