Xie Guangkun, the demon king, became the highlight of country love 13

 Xie Guangkun, the demon king, became the highlight of country love 13

Xie Guangkun, as a senior character who has played thirteen seasons of country love in succession, can make the audience gnash their teeth from the first season to the thirteenth season, which is not easy. Since the broadcast of country love 13, the enthusiasm of all kinds of Jimei has been unprecedented. Every day I care about Ivory mountain. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to open Youku to watch country love 13 and watch what happened to Xie Guangkun.

This is a play that shows the local conditions and customs of the northeast rural areas and the familys strong points. The basic content of the play is relatively harmonious, but the play needs contradictions and conflicts to support and promote the development of the plot. Comrade Xie Guangkun is responsible for the contradictions in the play! From the earliest opposition to the marriage of Yongqiang and Xiaomeng, to the constant birth and even the adoption of Xie Tengfei, and then to the birth of longfengtai, he had to send Xie Tengfei away. He had been working on every film for 15 years. To be an indispensable character in the play is simply to be the initiator of the contradiction. With the setting off of attracting people to dislike Guangkun, the ivory mountain scissors constantly manage all kinds of love and hate entanglements, and the sophistication seems to have become less complicated.

Xie Guangkuns duty

As the saying goes, there are two treasures in the ivory mountain: the Xie family has Kun, named Guangkun, whose works cant be put in the ivory mountain; the Liu family has Neng, whose name is Neng, whose size makes the whole village tremble. These two men have been honed for a long time. With ones own efforts, the two families can be dragged into the abyss of endless quarrels and contradictions. Life motto is: as long as others are not happy, I am happy. He didnt love anyone but the few hairs that had been pulled up in battle after battle. It is known as the first work of ivory mountain.

As an ivory mountain demon ceiling, the 13th movie is even more irritating. People who see the show want to pull out the rest of his hair. The plot of the previous two days is the same. He bought moxibustion sticks for his daughter-in-law to keep fit. He wanted to do good deeds, but in the end, he was misunderstood by Wang Xiaomeng because of the accumulation of demons. When it comes to take-off, Xie Guangkuns works never let the audience down. First, he misled him into saying that Luo Binwang was from Northeast China, and then he used two minus one equals three in front of his grandson to explain that take-off was not born A good family was made a mess by him, and Wang Xiaomeng finally couldnt bear to separate from them! This time, it seems that Xie Guangkun is determined. He wants to make the whole Ivory mountain fly by himself.

In the first 12 seasons, Xie Guangkun will reflect at the end, and his family will choose to accommodate him. In a word, his works have been forgiven in the end. However, at present, Xie Guangkuns ending in country love 13 seems a little less optimistic. Xie Guangkuns family has mentioned many times of separation before, but it has never been a verbal fight, and there has never been any actual action. This year, it seems to be a good year Not quite the same. Wang Xiaomeng was resolute in his separation and Xie Guangkun was quick in building walls.

Recently, country love 13 is on the air. We see that Xie Guangkuns hair is more sparse in the play. Whats going on behind this that makes him bald? Xie Guangkuns ending will be like what netizens speculate. Will Yongqiangs mother separate with Xiaomeng and leave Xie Guangkun alone? The trend of the follow-up story of country love 13 and the new ways Xie Guangkun will make these are very concerned and expected by the audience!