Online drama king of the tomb adapted from Guoman

 Online drama king of the tomb adapted from Guoman

The online play king of the tomb king is based on the adaptation of Guoman with the same name. It tells the news of Kunlun treasure spread from the world of the tomb sect. Luo Shiqiu (Yi Baichen), Lin Shuiyao (Wang Yueting), Lou manfeng (MA Zhenhuan) and Han qianluo (Sun Lulu) form a Tomb attack team to join the tomb breaking challenge, and bravely break into the guziqi tomb guarded by the Tomb guard sect. After the clear struggle of various forces, the Tomb guard group has been able to break the tomb In secret fighting, he finally stormed into the tomb and got the order to break the tomb, revealing the mystery behind and guarding the legend of the tomb sect.

The world outlook and setting of king of the tomb is as grand as animation: attacking the tomb, guarding the tomb, faqiu and royal families are fighting. Under the guidance of Kunlun treasure, megfen, through the love and hatred of the tomb world and the disputes among the heroes, it depicts a vivid and fascinating picture. At the same time, Luo Shiqiu, played by Yi Baichen, and Lin Shuiyao, played by Wang Yueting, have never met each other and become an immortal companion in the journey of attacking the tomb; Lou manfeng, played by Ma Zhenhuan, and Han qianluo, played by sun Lulu, have loved each other all their lives. Four people march forward together, bravely break into the millet tomb, and bring a beautiful legend that can be sweet and salty to audience friends!

Luxury team strives for perfection and devotes itself to quality assurance

The main creative team of the online drama king of the tomb is composed of elites in the industry. They keep improving day and night in shooting and post production, constantly polishing this work, ensuring the high level and high quality of the whole drama. The image style of the tomb world is fresh and refined, and the art settings, scenes and furnishings in the tomb are exquisite and exquisite - crystal coffin, tomb breaking order, Qimen dunjia array are full of texture, which makes the audience feel like they are on the scene. The costumes of the protagonists and the weapons of the tomb sect perfectly restore the animation. The ancient cold blood sword, the silver bone fan, the flower eating soul breaking sword and other artifacts shine brightly. The visual effect of the unique skills of the attack and defense schools is colorful, which makes people immerse and enjoy themselves!

The action design of king of the tomb is particularly innovative, with the unrestrained and flexible animation. All the leading actors do their best in the set, hanging on to Weiya and practicing meticulously... This creates a unique temperament of smart and elegant overall situation. Water lightness skills, tomb adventure, Kirin duel and other scenes are sometimes thunderous, and sometimes light. I believe it can bring you a new audio-visual experience.

It is reported that the play is produced by Beijing taomeng Film Co., Ltd., Horgos Lingyu film media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Lingyue culture media Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Guangdong Jingying Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Beidou Yinghua culture media Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Jiyun Culture Development Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Beijing taomeng Film Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Dongyang Qiaoshu Qiusi film culture Co., Ltd Ltd., Beijing taomeng Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing taomeng Galaxy culture and Technology Co., Ltd. Starting today, join the tomb attack team in Tencent video, and fight together to find the treasure!