Wang Feifei: its not easy to cross the border

 Wang Feifei: its not easy to cross the border

Wang Feifei: zero basis to fight, to the crew resume, after repeated failures, finally try to challenge themselves

Recently, the third season of Im an actor was popular on Zhejiang satellite TV. In recent years, actors and actresses are always concerned. The live performance without ng is a test of the basic skills of the actors. In addition, the sharp comments of the tutors are frequent, which makes the audience look forward to it. This season, the cast of the jury includes actors Zhang Ziyi, Li Chengru, Zhang Songwen, Hao Lei and Liu Tianchi, and directors Lu Chuan and Zhang Jizhong. A total of 33 guests participated in the competition, including many experienced actors. As a singer and dancer, Wang Feifei had almost no performing experience. In the past, when she was overseas, the company also asked her to try to shoot one or two works. Just a few short acting experiences made Wang Feifei feel that acting has another layer of magic, and she became more and more interested in it: just like you just started to learn something, you may know nothing about it, and then slowly feel a little bit about it. When you start to understand it, you will be able to understand it I like it more and more.

Although interested in acting, Wang Feifeis acting career is not so easy. Without a representative work and a non professional background, she almost lost many times when she submitted her resume to the cast, which made her gradually doubt whether she was not suitable for acting and whether she could perform well. Over time, Wang Feifei had no courage to take the step of becoming an actor.

This time I came to I am an actor because of the origin of more than ten years ago. In 2009, Wang Feifei joined the program more and more beautiful and met director Wu Tong. Ten years later, when director Wu Tong sent a message to ask if Wang Feifei would come to the program, she also struggled. On one hand, she was a very professional stage, and on the other hand, she was worried about whether she could do well. After much hesitation, Wang Feifei decided to challenge herself on the stage of I am an actor: I know this is a very good opportunity to exercise and learn, and I also want to know whether I have the ability to become an actor, so I came.

After taking part in I am an actor, the biggest gain is more and more self-confidence.

Later, she called for help, Liu Yan also guided her a lot, and Sun Jian, an actor who participated in the competition, also gave her a lot of help. Even after rehearsing countless times, Wang Feifei, who took part in the no ng performance for the first time, was still nervous: I opened the lid of the kettle on the stage, and my hands were shaking. I could hear all the other peoples voices, which proved that I was not in the play. I didnt take off the wig cover, and I forgot to pull the curtain. At that moment, I wanted to say, oh my God, its over. The whole section is broken. Its too broken. Im going to be eliminated. Its a shame! When Wang Feifei talks about this, she can still feel her inner confusion at that time. At that time, someone told her about the performance. Wang Feifei would scream and ask others to delete this memory. She didnt dare to recall it at all.

So in the first issue, I chose a one act play first. Im afraid it will drag others down because I dont have any experience. If I want to be bad, Ill be bad myself. Wang Feifei said with a smile. Although there were some bugs in the first performance due to excessive tension, Wang Feifei was encouraged by her tutors in the second performance of the legend of the white snake. When choosing the script, Wang Feifei was strongly invited by Bao Beier, but because of her preference for the legend of the White Snake, she decided to play the role of Bai Suzhen: I just want to have a look of ancient costume on this stage, and I wonder what it would be like to dress up as a white snake? I think its a big challenge for me.

When she first came into contact with acting, she was most worried about three things: first, she was nervous when she called action; second, it was difficult to recite her lines; third, it took a lot of time to understand the characters. After the film and television performance of I am an actor, these problems have basically improved greatly. For example, she found a way to quickly enter the characters: I think the first thing is to ask myself 10-20 questions. Why do I call this name? Who am I? Where is my hometown? After asking these 20 questions, you will probably know what the characters feel like.

In addition to acting skills, Wang Feifei came to Im an actor and gained more and more self-confidence. Now she has a sense of faith in the profession of actor. She is not afraid of being criticized by her tutor on stage, which can make her reexamine her problems. I know all the comments the teacher made on me. Its really my problem. At that time, I didnt want to cry, because I thought it was really my own fault. The teacher criticized me for being bad, which I could accept very well.

Zhang Ziyi is like the light in the dark. Xiao Shenyang is cold on the surface but warm in reality. Pan Binlong is very dedicated

When she came to the program I am an actor, Wang Feifei not only learned a lot from her acting skills, but also learned a lot from many experienced performers. Zhang Ziyi was the one who helped her the most. Wang Feifei also mentioned her sister many times in the interview. Since the first issue, Zhang Ziyi has warmly encouraged Wang Feifei and expressed her expectation and love for her. When she made a mistake in her first performance, Zhang Ziyi said to her, Feifei, dont be afraid. Although the performance is not good now, I believe you are now because you have no way. I believe you can do it well. It doesnt matter. Ill drag you along As soon as this sentence came out, Wang Feifei burst into tears: it felt like you were in a very dark space. As soon as you opened the door, it was dark. Suddenly, a hand came out and said, dont be afraid, Ill take you away. I will really remember the strength and warmth of that moment in my life. Therefore, even if Wang Feifeis state in the previous period collapsed a little, she was still trying to move forward, hoping to make a leap forward in each period, because she felt that she should be worthy of Zhang Ziyis words.

At present, Wang Feifei admires Zhang Ziyi very much and especially likes her performance a great master. In her heart, Zhang Ziyi is just like a distant star, a shining predecessor in the industry, a tough and self-improvement woman who can give people strength. After coming to the show, after getting along with each other, she felt that Zhang Ziyi was also a mentor, an idol and a friend to her. After the competition of the second stage of the story of the White Snake, Wang Feifei choked on the stage and expressed her gratitude to Zhang Ziyi: there is such a good tutor who told me that if you take this step forward, I will take the remaining ninety-nine steps. Its really moving.

From singing and dancing tutor to new actor

Speaking of Wang Feifei, we are more familiar with her identity as a singer and dancer. She was also a tutor in the program, and she was a professional player who everyone wanted to cooperate with in sister riding the wind and waves. Many netizens have some doubts about the crossover of singing and dancing singers to be actors. Wang Feifei thinks that this is a solid thinking of people. It takes a lot of courage and determination to cross the border, and a lot of effort.

Everything has to be trained from basic skills. I think thats what every line looks like. But as long as you make more efforts, I think you can do it well. Its just a matter of time. So I also want to say that we should be more tolerant and give more people a little bit of confidence and opportunities.

For her crossover, Wang Feifei said it originated from her love and desire to try. Maybe its very easy for me as a teenager, but its not easy for me in my 30s. First of all, at this age, you have to put yourself in the lowest position again, and then accept all the doubts with the initial attitude. I just want to see if I can challenge my other side when I am 30 years old. The challenge is impossible. Its rare to have such opportunities in life. Since the opportunity has come, why dont I? Wang Feifei said so.

Talking about age, Wang Feifei thinks that its normal for the performing arts circle to update, but no matter what age, the most important thing is to make progress all the time.

Im very grateful to me 10 years ago. I didnt give up because of various reasons. Thats why I have Wang Feifei standing on the singing and dancing stage today. And I believe that 10 years later, I will be very grateful to todays me, because I did not give up this opportunity to let me break through and experience to become an actor. Now on the way of acting, Wang Feifei has great expectations. The program I am an actor has given her a lot of confidence and courage. She still has a long way to go in the future.

Finally, Wang Feifei summed up her 2020 with a paragraph: 2020 is too special for me. I have made two very important decisions, and then these two very important decisions will affect me for many years to come. One is to go to sister riding the wind and waves and the other is to come to I am an actor.

Looking forward to new actor Wang Feifei go further and further on this road, continue to take the flower road!

Wang Feifei: ride the wind and waves, never forget the original intention

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