Sister 2 ends with Chen Yanxis constant practice

 Sister 2 ends with Chen Yanxis constant practice

Old beauty is Chen Yanxis second formal performance stage for the audience in sister 2. After the first public performance, Chen Yanxi, who successfully defended Chengfeng group, entered Yang Yuying group and brought old beauty together with Yang Yuying, Cecilia Cheung, Alan and Cheng Lisha. Chen Yanxi, who accepted the challenge again, was nervous and excited, and quickly entered the state of preparation: she studied hard on the basis of her low dance foundation, and taught her other sisters dance steps hand in hand, so as to make common progress. In the official performance, Chen Yanxi was dressed as an old-fashioned childe with a pure white dress and a high ponytail. Although she broke the sweet image in the past, she was also a bit more heroic and sassy than ever before.

At the same time, Chen Yanxi took a group photo of her elder sister er Gong on Weibo, and wrote: originally, we were just taking photos by ourselves. Unexpectedly, all the people at the scene came and left a happy moment. Its really good. Chen Yanxis positive attitude has never changed from beginning to end. When she learned that her performance was poor and she fell into the wave breaking group, she also chose to accept it calmly, and calmly entered the wave breaking area to sit down. Chen Yanxis generous move has attracted the attention of many netizens and expressed the hope that Chen Yanxi can return to Chengfeng group and bring you a more wonderful stage.

Keep sober all the time and work hard

Since the second season of sister riding the wind and waves was launched, there has been a discussion on Chen Yanxis singing and dancing ability on the Internet. In this regard, in addition to admitting in the interview that she is indeed a singing and dancing Xiaobai, Chen Yanxi also shows the achievements of her daily efforts on her micro blog. Chen Yanxis earnest practice in the video has attracted the attention of many netizens. Similarly, Chen Yanxi recently wrote on her microblog that all the anxiety comes from her own shortcomings. Only when she feels that she can do better, but fails to do so, can she feel emotional. Sometimes cheer up for yourself! Come on, come on The appearance of striving to cheer up attracted many netizens to leave messages, saying in the new year, work hard with Yanxi, every time you grow up, you will make progress with Yanxi sister, etc.